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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of the Navy. The opening is for a MWR Director in Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Oahu, Hawaii Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

MWR Director – Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Oahu, Hawaii
Commander, Navy Installations, Department of the Navy
Job ID: 573345
Start Date: 03/01/2022
End Date: 03/26/2022

Qualification Summary
KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED BY THE POSITION Exercises a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of Navy MWR policies, requirements, and procedures to perform broad management planning, budgeting, and coordinating of work force and resources for the effective implementation of MWR programs. Negotiates with local headquarters authorities,program management staff, patrons-, various local commanders, and other interested parties on board programs and problems related to the accomplishment of MWR services and to the operation and use of MWR facilities and assets. Requires a thorough knowledge of appropriate regulations governing thetype and variety of social and recreational services and therelated use and operation of club and recreational facilities to develop overall policies, plans, and procedures for department administration. Implements changes or amendments that will improve MWR administrative policies, practices, and methodology. SUPERVISORY CONTROLS The MWR Director is guided by policy established by the Commanding Officer, Naval Station Pearl Harbor, COMNAVREG Pearl Harbor, CINCPACFLT, and Chief of Naval Personnel (Pers- 65). Because of the regionalization with NCTAMS, and NAVMAG Lualualei and the attendant sensitivity of the merger, the MWR Director must also take guidance from Commander Naval Region and the Commanding Officers of these bases. An operational MOU underscores the unusual governance of the consolidated MWR Fund. Broad guidance requiring considerable interpretation is available in NAVPERS 15351, the Navy Personnel Policy Manual for NAFI (BUPERSINST 5300.10). Financial Management Policies and Procedures for MWR Programs (NAVSO P-3520), and Navy Recreation Operational Policies (BUPERSINST 1710.llC). The Commanding Officer evaluates performance by results obtained, by feedback from patrons, and through regular visits to MWR facilities. Results of audits, both internal and external, also provide guidance in gauging the effectiveness of work accomplished. The MWR Director organizes, commences and pursues courses of action necessary to achieve MWR objectives. The Commanding Officer provides administrative guidance in terms of broadly defined missions or functions. The MWR Director independently carries out the assigned work, including negotiating the scope and detail of long-range plans and objectives. The Commanding Officer's work review focuses upon compatibility with overall management objectives, fulfillment of MWR program objectives, patron satisfaction, and contribution to the success of the mission on both a short and long-term basis. As an acknowledged professional, the MWR Director's recommendation for major renovations, acquisition of new facilities and equipment, and approaches in the key areas of procurement, financial management, organization, and staffing are generally considered authoritative and accepted without significant change. GUIDELINES Guidelines consisting largely of Navy-wide policies,regulations, and traditional business practices are of limited use. The MWR Director is concerned with MWR program planning and management, involving unique situations and conditions. Such factors affect overall service and social programs available to patrons, which transcend available guidelines. Typically, situations are not completely covered by guidelines. For example, (1) the size and mix of the eligible patron community is constantly changing; (2) The MWR Director is responsible for the administrative, financial, and operational management of a year round MWR program; (3) There are regular requirements t6 plan special activities and events. The MWR Director uses initiative and resourcefulness in deviating from traditional approaches while satisfying objectives consistent with Navy policies and procedures. Often guidelines are contradictory, e.g., responsible use of alcohol policies are often at odds with managing food and beverage activities with 5% profit, or innovation in raising new revenue sources in times of shrinking resources is undermined by conservative application of land use regulations. COMPLEXITY The work consists of management, planning, cost control, and coordination of a large work force and resources scattered over remote locations. The MWR Director selects and uses different techniques and methods in the formulation, presentation, or execution of requests or recommendations to cover substantive social and recreational programs with widely varying needs, goals, objectives, work processes, and timetables. The MWR Director makes changes in funding and budget plans that are reflected in corresponding changes in major programs such as the type and level of services or benefits provided to the patron community. Decisions concerning the acquisition, use, or availability of funds for MWR programs are based upon detailed analysis and consideration of program requirements in relation to budgetary and operational requirements, policies, methods, and sources of funding. The work also requires identifying, quantifying, and evaluating the mutual effects and interrelationship between social and recreational program goals and accomplishments and the execution of such work within the framework of existing facilities, equipment and budgetary resources. Because of the curtailment on the use of appropriated fund support, and the volatility of reimbursement for services, the manager is required to develop plans and programs that draw new patrons and yet keep prices competitive with the civilian and private sector. Position complexity results from managing the widest variety of· social and recreational programs while continuing to operate in a highly competitive, technologically viable environment. This situation requires financial acumen, professional recreation/food & beverage background as well as the ability to serve various special interest groups while maintaining and conserving scarce resources. SCOPE AND EFFECT The purpose of the work is to develop MWR management program policies, resolve critical problems or issues related to policy application or conflict, and coordinate major program functions within the diverse and special interest background of the local Navy community. Decisions affect the work of other program managers and the wellbeing of a substantial number of people throughout a major, operational Naval complex. PERSONAL CONTACTS The MWR Director meets daily with patrons, employees, and various individuals performing daily work for or seeking to reach mutual agreement with the Naval Station. Personal contacts are often made with officials from both within and outside of the Department of Defense and may include Navy League, CINCPACFLT staff, COMNAVREG Hawaii staff, USCINCPAC staff, State of Hawaii, City & County of Honolulu, as well as various members of the local, civilian, business community. Quite often, contacts are made with members of the various local media and members of the local entertainment field. Some contacts are formal and structured; others are in highly unstructured settings, often conducted under stress-promoting ground rules and established during routine and unscheduled problem-related visits. Because of the critical nature ofthese personal contacts, the effect of failure to perform work in a satisfactory manner, as that term is defined by a variety of people, is serious and widespread, affecting the credibility of the command and the U. S. Navy. At times, the MWR Director will conduct special meetings to determine patron requirements or meet at the request of special interest groups. In general, the MWR Director will meet with the QOL Director at least once a day and the Commanding Officer several times each week. QualificationsCont'd Below

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