Fitoor by Mumbai Music Artist Atteev Bhansali


Today’s second post is the news snippet about the release of the new song, Fitoor by Mumbai Music Artist Atteev Bhansali. The song, Fitoor…, was recently released by Selekt by Koinage Records. Read on to find out more:

Fitoor by Mumbai Music Artist Atteev Bhansali

Selekt by Koinage kickstarted the new year with its first release, Fitoor

Selekt by Koinage, home to independent artists and music lovers, released its third song, titled Fitoor…; sung by Atteev Bhansali. Atteev Bhansali rose to fame from his single Way to go… and Fitoor… was released on YouTube and other major streaming platforms, recently. From its beautiful lyrics to passionate music, Fitoor… feels like a cool breeze in summertime.

Fitoor… is not just a song. It is a burst of emotions; one feels when one is in awe of someone. By confessing what one feels when one is falling in love, this song is just different from the other love songs out there. It has a surprising twist of words at the end of each hook. It’s as if the singer is trying to confess his love through this song. But that is where the versatility of the song comes in.

The song isn’t just for the person singing, it’s for everybody who has ever fallen in love, for someone who has ever known what falling in love feels like. It resonates with one’s feelings of being in love. It’s a light and airy pop song with a guitar as the center focus. With its lush vocals that play rhythmically between the song becomes one which everybody can admire. Fitoor… has the power to transport you into a colorful world where love is the only feeling present. However, one is left with an air of mystery as the listener is unaware if the person is listening or not.

Talking about Fitoor…, Atteev said, “Fitoor… is the second Hindi song that I’ve worked on. And I can say for a fact that I have never worked on something like this before. It is a complete departure from Tu hi hai… It’s a simple yet catchy pop song that describes the emotions one feels when one starts falling for someone. Fitoor… holds a special place in my heart as it’s the first solo project that I’ve undertaken since the EP that I released way back in 2020. From January 2021, when I first wrote the song to now on its release it has been an eventful year. I am excited to see how my fans love this.”

Atteev is a singer-songwriter/producer whose bedroom pop and R&B has sparked intrigue in the music industry. He brought something new to the market with his first single Way to go and was loved by the audience for it. From being broadcast on two of Europe’s biggest radio stations to reaching No. 35 on the Hot New Tracks chart he has come a long way. In just six months, Atteev has amassed a collection of over 11 songs, partnering with artists such as Tansen, SMG and Trosk, among others. His music ranges from appealing pop tunes to deep, heartfelt ballads that everybody can relate to. For Fitoor…, Atteev was not just the singer, he was also the composer and writer, giving us a glimpse of the massive talent, he encompasses.

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