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Today’s third post is the analysis of the song, Koi jab raah na paaye, from the Bollywood movie, Dosti (1964). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Dosti (1964)

The song, Koi jab raah na paaye, appears in 1964 super hit award-winning social Satyen Bose-directed drama Dosti (Friendship) produced by Tarachand Barjatiya, under the banner of Rajshri Productions. The movie starred Sushil Kumar Somaya, Sudhir Kumar Sawant, Sanjay Khan (debut), Baby Farida, Uma Rajoo, late Nana Palsikar, late Abhi Bhattacharya, etc.

Ramnath or Ramu’s (Sushil Kumar) father dies during an accident in the factory where he worked. The factory refuses to pay compensation and Ramu loses his mother as well. He himself gets injured in an accident and loses a leg. Crippled and penniless, he is thrown out of his rented home as well. While roaming about the streets of Bombay (Mumbai now), he saves blind Mohan (Sudhir Kumar) from an accident.

Mohan is looking for his sister, Meena (Uma Rajoo), who had joined a city hospital as a nurse so that she could pay for her brother’s treatment. She had left him with a caretaker in the village. But Mohan is washed away from his shelter by flood and thus had to leave the village.

Ramu plays the harmonica well and Mohan is a good singer. They decide to sing songs on the streets to earn money together from people on the streets. They soon meet a small girl Manjula (Baby Farida), who has a rheumatic heart. She is a rich man, Ashok’s (Sanjay Khan) sister. She also develops a sibling-like friendship with both of them.

Ramu wants to finish his studies and they need Rs.60 as the fees. They decide to ask the amount as a loan from Manjula. But, when Ashok gets to know about it, he gives them Rs.5 and sends them off, telling them not to return again. Ramu is sad and is dejected. Mohan immediately tells him not to lose hope. They somehow earn enough money for Ramu to join a school. One of the teachers (Nana Palsikar) takes pity on him and becomes his guardian.

The friends, then, go to Manjula to give her the good news of Ramu’s admission and later to inform her that Ramu had come first in his exams. But the watchman does not allow them to meet her under her brother’s instructions. They have no other alternative than to leave. Manjula is upset. Soon, Manjula’s illness gets worse and the doctor is doing as much as he could. A senior doctor tells him to leave the rest to the Almighty.

On the other hand, Ramu takes Mohan to an eye doctor, who says that Mohan’s eyesight can be retrieved but post a surgery and that would cost them a bundle. Ramu is disappointed. But Ramu tells his friend that he would study hard and grow up to earn enough money, so that he would be able to take his friend abroad for the surgery.

In the next shot, Mohan is singing this song.

Song – Koi jab raah na paaye

The lyrics of the song, Koi jab raah na paaye, were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Lakshmi-Pyare.

The song goes, “If someone does not find their way, come with me and my friendship and love will light lamps on our path.”

Video – Koi jab raah na paaye

Cinematographer is Marshall Braganza.

The video opens with scenes having old world charm of the city of Mumbai of yore. The music begins and the camera pans over different locales, with people walking on the streets. Sudhir Kumar Sawant begins to sing this song.

People stop on their tracks, mesmerized by the singer’s voice. All types of people surround him, listening to the song. Sanjay Khan comes that way in his car and joins the crowd, collected around the singer.

Majrooh Sahab has given such beautiful lines to the song, like “Friendship is the brother and love is the sister.” Sanjay Khan glances at his watch. Looks like he is waiting for someone. That someone is Uma Rajoo, who plays the role of Baby Farida’s nurse, Meena.

Sanjay Khan calls out, “Meena.” That ‘Meena’ is actually Sudhir Kumar Sawant’s long-lost elder sister, in the movie. On hearing the name, Sudhir Kumar Sawant stops singing abruptly and the video also ends at that point.


Mohammad Rafi has sung this song for Sudhir Kumar Sawant. The video also has Sanjay Khan, Uma Rajoo and other actors.

Cultural Influence

This beautiful song, sung by my idol, Mohammad Rafi Sahab, is a treatise of friendship. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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