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Today’s first post is the interview of the singer Suzonn – Art and Music Prevalent Everywhere – Singer Suzonn. Here the singer talks about his beginnings in the music field and various other things that matter to him including the fact that music is universal and not restricted to particular regions. Over to the interview:

How were you attracted to music?

I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and singing along. After a point, I realized it was not like a normal person would love to. There is more than that – a connection that I have with music. I don’t remember exactly when but after that I started with singing for audiences and gradually started penning down my thoughts.

What did your parents say when you made that crucial decision?

Creative field was never looked at as a career option long back and even when we are so progressive, preference is given to a stable profession. Coming from a middle-class family, I always knew their support will be questionable. They didn’t like my sudden shift of career at first but ultimately accepted it as they realized this is something I am good at and this is what makes me happy.

The field of music is not reliable as far as monetary benefits are concerned. Your take on it.

I completely disagree with this statement. I believe everything can become fruitful or substantial if we’re determined enough. And I’m making enough for myself right now. It’s not about just the music field, I feel its with every field, if you have the talent, patience and determination, you will earn money.

What made you change your name to Suzonn? And when was it?

My real name is Sujan Sinha, I was just exploring and experimenting at a very early stage of my career when I decided on Suzonn for my stage name. As it is something unique, not so common and easy to remember or something that will catch attention.

Are you excited about any new song that’s coming up?

Yes. There are a few of them lined up. Right now, I am pretty overwhelmed with the response, I received for me song Humse khafa... It was launched in November last year, on an indie record label, Selekt by Koinage Records. Humse khafa… is about two people, who are in separation and the emotions that go through in their hearts, in that situation. It is entirely on modern relationships.

What do you look forward to?

Currently I’m looking forward to my new album, the first for this year. And me being a true believer of going with the flow, I’m not taking too much stress about anything else for now.

The metros in Central India are considered to be more happening places as far as art and music are concerned. You are based in Guwahati. Is your location congenial for you as far as your work goes? Have you encountered any problems due to it?

According to me art and music has been well prevalent everywhere but now because of digitalization it has become easier for the artists to spread their art. My location is quite congenial for my work, in fact, it’s a boon for my art as I prefer working in tranquil surroundings. And I’ve all the resources available for me, as Guwahati is quite adequate so I’ve not faced any problem here.


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