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The third post for today is the analysis of the song, Phir wohi dar hai, from the Bollywood movie Apradhi Kaun (1957). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Apradhi Kaun (1957)

The song, Phir wohi dar hai, was featured in Bimal Roy Productions’ murder mystery, Apradhi Kaun (1957), produced by Bimal Roy and directed by Asit Sen. The movie starred Abhi Bhattacharya, Mala Sinha, Gajanan Jagirdhar, etc.

The movie begins with a partially paralyzed Shree Nath (Gajanan Jagirdhar) visiting his younger brother Dina Nath (also Gajanan Jagirdhar), who has usurped the older brother’s properties. Shree Nath informs his younger brother that their father had willed the properties to Shree Nath and another brother Pitamber.

Then begins Dina Nath’s quest for his father’s last will, which leads him to a club where his girlfriend Lily (Lillian) is performing a song. During the song, she informs him that the person he has come to meet is in the room 504 – Rai Bahadur Janki Nath (Murad). Janki Nath is the man, who is holding Dina Nath’s father’s last will. Dina Nath tries to bargain with Janki Nath to get back the will. But the other man does not budge.

Lily is two-timing Janki Nath and helps Dina Nath reach the former’s home to steal the will. But Janki Nath arrives at the right time and during a scuffle, is killed. Dina Nath escapes with the will, before the police reaches the place.

At that point, Shobha (Mala Sinha) approaches Detective Rajesh Nath (Abhi Bhattacharya) to steal something. But when he refuses, she has to leave, dejectedly. Rajesh is, then, contacted by Dina Nath for protection since the latter suspects that someone would kill him. The former has to stay with the latter for the same. With Rajesh comes his assistant, Balram (Kumud Tripathi).

The police find that Dina Nath is connected to the murder of Janki Nath and by the time they reach the house, the accused has already been killed. Rajesh and the police, now, jointly begin to investigate the case. There are several suspects including the in-house doctor (Tarun Bose), who is researching on the treatment for asthma; the manager of Dina Nath and others.

In the meantime, Shobha steals the will from the dead man’s room and she is caught by Rajesh, at the nick of time. Shobha tells him about Dina Nath’s brother Pitamber and is about to say something about Pitamber’s daughter when they see a dark shadow listening to their conversation, from the opaque window. Rajesh rushes out to catch the person. But the unknown person disappears.

The next day, Rajesh is about to leave for the city to find more information about Shobha, without her knowing about the reason for his departure. At the same time, he instructs her to keep the will with her to trap the killer. Rajesh visits his friend, Inspector Sinha (Paul Mahendra) at the city when they discuss about Dina Nath’s other brother Pitamber and Lily, who is one of the suspects of the first murder because she is one of the people seen coming out of Janki Nath’s home, some time before his death. Rajesh coaxes Lily to come with him to the Nath bungalow.

That night, Shobha sees the dark shadow again and in the process of catching him, Rajesh gets injured and has to be taken care of by Shobha. The doctor is about to inject Rajesh with some medicine. But Shobha stops him. It appears that Rajesh is still unconscious. However, she catches him, stealthily, drinking the milk she had brought for him. Next, Rajesh indirectly proposes to her and she accepts.

On the other hand, Balram suspects that the deaf and dumb servant (Dhumal) is not what he seems to be. When the servant realizes that his game is up, he takes Balram to his confidence and gives the latter some of the drug he is an addict of.

The servant also tells the other that the owner had felt pity on him because he had acted as a deaf and dumb to give him the job. He also sings this song.

Song – Phir wohi dar hai

The lyrics of the song, Phir wohi dar hai, were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and set to music by Salil Chowdhury.

The man sings, “It’s the same heartache, again. It is the same night and the same fear. I thought my heart had opened, the large elephant-shaped fear has come out and only the tail is remaining, now.”

Video – Phir wohi dar hai

The cinematography is by Kamal Bose. Dance choreography is by Satyanarayan.

The video opens with smoke appearing in front of the camera. The music begins. Dhumal and Kumud Tripathi are in the servants’ quarters. The former takes the latter around the servants’ rooms, swaying to the tune of the music.

Kumud Tripathi begins to see things like a vessel and a broom dancing in the air, automatically. Dhumal begins to sing the song. The latter also joins him, in the song and the swaying dance to the music of the song.

Kumud Tripathi imagines that Kammo is dancing in front of the trellis. He tries to hug her but she disappears. Then, he sits on a parapet wall, thinking. Dhumal imagines that he is Lillian, who twirls a Chinese umbrella, and dances with her.

Soon, they see someone and the pair separate. Kumud Tripathi runs away, climbing out a window. The playback singer stretches the last syllable and the song and the video end abruptly at that point.


Manna Dey sings this song for Dhumal and Kumud Tripathi.

Cultural Influence

This song has not been influenced by any culture. I loved the way the singer and the actors have performed this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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