Gum ho jaayen by Mumbai Artists Shruti Pathak/Sonu Nigam


Today’s second post is Gum ho jaayen by Mumbai Artists Shruti Pathak/Sonu Nigam. Sonu Nigam and Shruti Pathak have lent their voice to the title track of Digiflix Tv’s web series Gum Ho Jaayen.

Gum ho jaayen by Mumbai Artists Shruti Pathak/Sonu Nigam

Digiflix Tv have come out with the web series Gum Ho Jaayen and Sonu Nigam and Shruti Pathak have sung the title track.

Sonu Nigam has sung the song, Gum ho jaayen…, with the singer and composer Shruti Pathak. The song is the title track for a web show Gum Ho Jaayen produced and presented by Digiflix Tv. 

The song has been sung to perfection by Sonu Nigam and Shruti Pathak. Sonu Nigam is an established musical force in the industry with a long list of beautiful songs to his name. Vivacious Shruti Pathak has also sung and composed the song making it irresistibly captivating.

Gum Ho Jaayen tells the story of Ira, searching for her missing husband at a resort where she meets Rishith, who is also searching for his missing girlfriend. A bond develops between the two. They realise they’re trapped in toxic relationships. They are now forced to make critical decisions.

“The show, Gum Ho Jaayen, depicts the vibrancy of love and friendship and the dark side of loss and treachery. The show effortlessly fuses the two sides through the journey of two protagonists, who set out to seek their missing partners. The song captures it marvelously and the voice of Sonu Nigam and Shruti Pathak makes it all the more enchanting and livelier. It immerses you in the narrative. It was a pleasure collaborating with them and we hope the audience would adore the song,” said Nandita V Kothari, COO of Digiflix TV. 

Gum Ho Jaayen is a tale about two people, whose lives collide because of the loss endured by them. In the journey to find their missing partners, they are forced to doubt the decisions of their past and how they can undo them. Love, loss, friendship, betrayal, tragedy and anguish is what the show portrays. And that expression is performed flawlessly by Sonu Nigam and Shruti Pathak in this song. Their voices have made this song even more charming,” said Nishant Awasthi, CEO of Digiflix TV.

Gum Ho Jaayen is directed by S Manasvi and produced by Kaavya Motion Pictures – Ketan Gupta, Sushant Godhia and Nishit Shah and will be aired on Digiflix TV. The song Gum ho jaayen is now streaming on DigiflixTv’s YouTube channel.


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