In Real Time improvises on “Blue Shift”


Jazz trio In Real Time has a new album set for release March 4, 2022. The new album, “Blue Shift” is a brief recording of five songs that came about as a result of the group’s searching for an organic means of making music. The result is thought-provoking music that captures a variety of sound and energy.

The sound of “Blue Shift”: In Real Time

A number of thoughts come to mind when thinking of how to categorize the music on “Blue Shift.” Metaphors about thoughts or the human experience come to mind. But what prompts those thoughts is the stark, clear sound of “Blue Shift,” even when the actual lines for each instrument seem as if they are bumping into each other on the way to cacophony. But the music never quite goes there, and that is the beauty of the recording. The sense of control, even when the goal is to be intuitive and organic, is impressive.

The trio consists of an upright bass, drums, and piano. Each player flexes his or her expressive muscle and listeners might find themselves rapt to see where each piece goes. Some songs end in a logical place; a few offer surprises for audiences.

Standout songs on the album are the title track, and “Crosstown.” The breadth of energy and inspiring soundscapes on “Blue Shift” are lovely on their own. Picking “standouts” for this album is difficult: each has an “arty” feel, each builds a soundscape that is atmospheric.

About In Real Time

While “Blue Shift” is In Real Time’s debut album, the story of the group begins in the 1980s at Wesleyan. That is where Adam Lane (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums) first met. When Carol Liebowitz (piano) met Drury at a Brooklyn jam session, the rest became an interesting slice of musical history.

Each musician in the group brings an extensive skillset to the group. As a singer and a pianist, Liebowitz switched from classical music to improvisational music after college. She attended High School of the Performing Arts and New York University. Ultimately, Liebowitz performed throughout Europe and the New York City metro area. She has worked with many stellar musicians, among them Ron Horton and Birgitta Flick. One of her recordings with Flick, “Malita-Malika” (2018) was selected as an Editor’s Pick in Downbeat magazine. Liebowitz was also part of the trio Payne Lindal Liebowitz. Their self-titled CD was a 2015 Top Ten Jazz CDs selection in the NPR Jazz Critics Poll. For more information, visit:

Adam Lane is known for his creative force. Working from a disparate set of influences, Lane plays pensive, but energetic lines on “Blue Shift” and is known for “his confidence and confrontational prowess as well as his abiding lyricism,” according to Spam Prestiani of Jazziz. Lane completed his musical education at Wesleyan University and California Institute of the Arts. In 1996, he received a Paternings Scholarship for study at the Darmstadt School for New Music where he studied double bass with Steffano Scodanibbio. To learn more about this musician, please see:

Drummer Andrew Drury is active in a number of ensembles. He also performs as a soloist. His most recent ensemble is called Content Provider. In addition to his work with percussion ensembles, he is also involved in audio and video production. A native of Seattle, Drury has had a longtime fascination with jazz and African-diasporic creativity, and his work is in the tradition of his musical role models, in that the music does not according to Drury “conform to fixed limitations and explores the infinite.” He lives in Brooklyn, New York. In his decades’ long career, Drury has performed in 30 countries and can be found on almost 80 recordings. To learn more about Drury, go to:

Perhaps the forming of In Real Time was a long time coming; the wait, many will agree, has been worth it.

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