Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega – Mohammad Rafi – Ravi – Sunil Dutt | Meherban (1967)


Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega, from the Bollywood movie, Meherban (1967). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization. Today is my favorite idol, Mohammad Rafi Sahab’s 97th birthday and it is, perhaps, not a coincidence that I am writing about his song, here today. I guess, he wants me to do it. Yes, Sir! That’s the least I can do for myself since I was not fortunate enough to meet you. :'(

Movie – Meherban (1967)

The song, Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega, was featured in the AVM Productions’ famrama, Meherban (1967) produced by A V Meiyappan and directed by A Bhim Singh. The movie starred Ashok Kumar, Sulochana, Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Mahmood, etc.

Shanti Swaroop (Ashok Kumar) is an affluent businessman and his family consists of his wife – Parvati (Suochana), 3 sons, 2 daughters (Actors Shashikala and Bharati), 2 daughters-in-law and an adopted son – Kanhaiya (Sunil Dutt). The older couple meet their long-lost friends’ orphaned daughter, Lakshmi (Nutan). The older couple want their youngest son, Sunder (Bhalla) to marry Lakshmi. But the young man declines their insistence and goes off to marry his girlfriend, Rachna (Padma Khanna).

Due to the above turn of events, Kanhaiya offers to marry Lakshmi and the marriage takes place on the same day as Sunder-Rachna marriage. Rachna’s rakhi brother, Madhu (Mahmood) helps Sunder get married to her. When the second pair visits Sunder’s home to take his parents’ blessings the older couple is very angry. Their anger is extinguished by Kanhaiya and they accept Sunder and Rachna’s decision.

Soon, the youngest daughter, Geeta’s (Bharati) marriage talks begin. The groom is Ramesh (Sudesh Kumar), who is the son of Lala Karamchand (Raj Mehra). Post the finalization of the wedding, Kanhaiya begins to tease Geeta through this song.

Song – Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega

The lyrics of the song, Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega, were penned by Rajinder Kishan and they were set to tune by Ravi.

The man sings, “A handsome man will come and marry my little doll.”

Video – Aayega aayega koi chail chabila aayega

Director of Photography is A Vincent. Photography is by A Venkat. Dance choreography is by Chinni-Sampath.

The video opens with Bharati looking at her mirror image and arranging a diamond necklace around her neck. Sunil Dutt plays the shehenai or the Indian clarinet. Bharati covers her ears to block the sound and moves away smiling as she snatches the clarinet from his hands.

2 kids play the tabla and Sunil Dutt helps them. He begins to tease Bharati throughout the song. The kids are clapping. Ashok Kumar passes on a file to another actor. Sunil Dutt continues to tease Bharati and she blushes to cover her face.

He is dancing all through the song. Bharati gets ready to beat him up, just for fun. Sunil Dutt backs up and bumps into Ashok Kumar. Both the younger people run away from Ashok Kumar.

Sulochana passes them while going about the household routine, grinning. Sunil Dutt and Bharati chase each other around the entire house, after climbing down the staircase. Bhalla and Padma Khanna also look on and the former begins to dance.

Nutan comes with Sulochana to watch them. Ashok Kumar also looks out from the first-floor balcony. Shashikala is also sitting on a cozy chair. The song rises to a crescendo and it ends with the video, as Sunil Dutt chases Bharati around a tea .


Mohammad Rafi has sung this song for Sunil Dutt. Bharati, Ashok Kumar, Sulochana, Bhalla, Padma Khanna, Nutan, Shashikala and other actors are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. This song is the way a doting brother teases his little sister. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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