“The Voice” ends 21st season – – some say predictably


Season 21 came to an end Tuesday night. The long-running singing show pulled out its usual finale show tropes. There were performances by famous musicians, such as Ed Sheehan, Kid Cudi, and Jennifer Lopez. Finalists sang with their coaches, and previously eliminated contestants sang with finalists. The last feature was less awkward than audiences might have anticipated. All of the activity served as a distraction until the end of the night when the winners were finally revealed.

“The Voice” season 21: And the winner is…

As easy as it might be to mock the attempts by “The Voice” representatives to delay much-awaited news with set changes, and a few show-stopping performances by finalists, and funny bits featuring the coaches, the tactics were effective. After so many performances, including an ensemble number featuring some of the voices from “Sing 2” and the finalists and eliminated singers from “The Voice,” a viewer might forget that this was a contest that one singer was supposed to win.

“The Voice”: a long road to diversity, inclusion

This season on “The Voice” seemed to address all of the criticisms that had been hurled at the show since its inception. This year there were more performers of color, more groups, more people older than 30 (some of whom made it to the top ten, and to the finals), and there was also a trans performer (a member of a duo) who used his voice to remind audiences that trans lives matter.

Which meant that contestants are starting to look more and more like Americans. Thus, regardless of who won, things are getting better at “The Voice” in terms of inclusion and representation.

“The Voice”: final five

Monday night’s show revealed that the top five contestants would be: Hailey Mia, A Girl Named Tom, Jershika Maple, Wendy Moten, and Parris Whittingham. The diversity in the top performers includes a singer who turned 14 while on the show (Hailey Mia), a trio (Girl Named Tom), and four people of color, (Hailey Mia, Maple, Moten, and Whittingham).

Even with all the diversity, some online commenters were disgruntled. Some claim that Moten’s years of work as a professional musician did not make her an optimal contestant on “The Voice.” Others claimed that Moten was robbed. These comments proliferated after A Girl Named Tom (GNT, as they are called) were announced the winners.

The trio from Ohio, who lives in South Bend, Indiana consists of two brothers and their sister. From the very beginning, the group distinguished itself from other contestants with their tight harmonies and easy stage presence. Their covers of such classics as “Wichita County Lineman,” “Dust in the Wind,” and most recently, “The Chain” made them favorites on the show and on iTunes.

Regardless of individual opinions about the outcome, season 21 was a busy and exciting one for contestants and viewers. When all the celebrating or sulking is over, audiences will likely be ready for another season of “The Voice.”


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