Pianist David Janeway surprises pleasantly on “Distant Voices”


Pianist David laneway returns with his third recording as part of a trio. Joining him on “Distant Voices” are Cameron Brown on bass and Billy Hart on drums. The pandemic offered Janeway an opportunity to look back at pianists who inspired him. The result is “Distant Voices” with its mix of original and classic works. Included among the tribute pieces is Freddie Hubbard’s “Brigitte.”

A bit about David Janeway

Janeway was born in Rochester, New York, but raised in Detroit. He began to study classical piano by age five. His formative and adolescent years were soundtracked by the r&b and jazz that surrounded him in Detroit. In 1978, Janeway moved to New York City and has been active in the big Apple’s jazz scene ever since.

Janeway is no stranger to jazz clubs and festivals in New York City. His reputation as a musician who deftly adds texture to his pieces has been built over the years, and listeners can get a taste of this quality on “Distant Voices.”

Unexpected soundscapes on “Distant Voices” by David Janeway

While all 13 songs have their own personalities and feel that would garner listeners’ attention, two songs stand out: “Brigitte” and “Excursion.” Both are the same length, just over five minutes. But when played in consecutive order, the different energy that is offered by each song is rather astounding, and for just a moment, audiences forget that it is the same ensemble that has brought the works to life.

“Brigitte” is a slower, more pensive work. The fusion sounds encapsulates a myriad of emotion. Without being heavy-handed, the song is romantic. Pretty melodies, with their thoughtful undertones, chase each other, much like butterflies might. The besotted listener continues to listen, and suddenly, five minutes have elapsed.

“Excursion” is as kinetic as its title suggests. Bold strokes of drum and piano create the engine that push this song along. At times, it is propulsive. Audiences are along for the adventure because the arrangement, like in “Brigitte” and others, is engrossing. The interplay between drums and piano create a satisfying texture.

“Distant Voices” was released Nov. 15, 2021. The full album is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and Statesidemusic.com. For more information about Janeway and his work, visit: http://davidjaneway.com


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