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Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Chand phir nikla, from the Bollywood movie, Paying Guest (1956). The song has been analyzed based on its context and visualization.

Movie – Paying Guest (1956)

The song, Chand phir nikla,appeared in the S Mukherji Production’s romcom Paying Guest (1956), produced by Shashadhar Mukherji and directed by Subodh Mukherji. The movie starred Dev Anand, Nutan, Shobha Khote, etc.

Ramesh Kumar (Dev Anand) is a homeless advocate and he gets into a tiff with a college-student and dance teacher Shanti (Nutan) while living in a previous rental home. He gets thrown out of the house due to that. Ramesh follows Shanti and finds out that her home is available for rent but her father would allow only elderly men. Ramesh disguises as an old Muslim man ‘Mirza’ and gets the space as a paying guest. He then continues to follow Shanti and complains to ‘Mirza’.

He then continues to follow Shanti and lands at her college debating event. During the debate, Shanti is talking about love being more important for marriage. While her college-mate, Chanchal (Shobha Khote) speaks for wealth being more important for marriage. Ramesh visits Shanti at night and she goes to ‘Mirza’ for help. ‘Mirza’ beats up Ramesh, who leaves, not before… not before Shanti starts feeling something for Ramesh. She visits the art shop owned by Ramesh’s friend (Sajjan) where Ramesh is lying ‘unconscious’ when one of her students tell her about it.

But then, Holi reveals to everyone that ‘Mirza’ is none other than Ramesh when Shanti and her friends apply color to his face and the false beard and moustache come off. He is thrown out of the house. However, while throwing him out, Shanti’s father suffers a heart attack and Ramesh helps her call the doctor and take care of the older man.

After 2 days, Shanti’s father comes to and the doctor tells him that Ramesh had taken care of him. The older man is not very happy because Ramesh had left without paying the rent and tells Shanti to get it. Shanti is visibly elated and visits the art shop. Ramesh’s friend tells her that Ramesh had left a suicide letter. Shanti rushes to the pond near her home to look for him and jumps into it. Ramesh, who has been watching her from a treetop, saves her. Since then, they begin to date.

Chanchal marries the elderly Public Prosecutor Dayal (Gajanan Jagirdar) for his money. She meets Shanti to make her friend jealous and finds her with Ramesh. On the contrary, Chanchal gets jealous of Shanti and decides to create a rift between her friend and Ramesh. It’s easy for her due to Shanti’s penury and the parasitic attachment of Shanti’s brother-in-law, Prakash (Yakub) to Shanti’s family. Soon, Shanti’s father dies when her brother-in-law pushes him due to some issue.

Due to Shanti’s financial crisis, Chanchal convinces Shanti to join a theater and gets a jobless Ramesh to join Dayal as the older man’s assistant. Dayal becomes the unsuspecting instrument through whom Chanchal entices Ramesh in her dragnet. Prakash joins Chanchal in this endeavor and soon, she is able to create a rift between Ramesh and Shanti.

In the meantime, Dayal dies allegedly due to a capsized boat. It is shocking that the police do not suspect any foul play in the death and the police takes the grieving widow’s words, through her crocodile tears; at face value. It turns out that Prakash had killed Dayal and the bad guy begins to blackmail, the bad gal, Chanchal, since he has the new will of the dead man; which disinherits Chanchal from the old man’s wealth.

Shanti yearns for Ramesh and sings this song at this point.

Song – Chand phir nikla

The lyrics of the song, Chand phir nikla, were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was set by S D Burman.

The girl sings, “The moon has risen. But you have not come. My heart aches. What shall I do since I am reminded of you?”

Video – Chand phir nikla

The director of photography was Dronacharya.

The video opens with Nutan walking toward the camera and the music beginning. She is on the terrace of the house and sits on a seat near the camera. Then, she begins the song. She is very sad and, actually, crying.

Nutan walks some distance on the terrace. Something catches the edge of her sari and she’s thinking it’s her beloved. It turns out that the edge of her sari had got caught on a chair. She sits on the chair and continues to sing.

Nutan is visibly crying. She walks around the terrace and sits on a sloping surface on the terrace. I get the feeling that this is a studio set, rather than a real building terrace. The song peters out and the video ends as she is sitting below a small bridge.


Lata Mangeshkar sang this song for Nutan.

Cultural Influence

This song is a sad one sung by the heroine. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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