A Short Encounter with Singer-Composer AMC Aman


In today’s first post, we are going to have – A Short Encounter with Singer-Composer AMC Aman. That is, this is a short interview of the Music Artist AMC Aman. The man is multi-talented and has collaborated with Iconic Singer Alka Yagnik. He gets candid in this short interview. Let’s go to the interview without much ado:

You are a renowned singer and composer, now. Do you feel any difference in your life, or is everything the same as it was?

Yes! I have experienced a huge difference on my end. After the collaboration with Alka Yagnikiji, I have received immense love and appreciation for my song. After all, Alka YagnikJi herself is an stalwart in her own field. This is my first big step.

How did you learn to sing and compose a song?

I learned everything from my Guruji Ramesh Sharmaji in 2008. He really helped me polish my talent and taught me some techniques for a better future in the music field for me. He has a major role in shaping me into what I am with all the learning that I have today. I was able to create and experiment because of the knowledge he gave me.

What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a singer and composer?

It is important for them to be versatile in their compositions and singing. Being able to create different content and make it stand out in the industry should be the prime focus. There should be consistency in the work.

Tell us more about your newly launched song Jaane kya laage. Any unexpected challenges?

I composed Jaane kya laage… during lockdown and I pitched Alkaji post lockdown. I waited for about 2 years to introduce my song to Alka Yagnikji. I am extremely delighted that she loved it. It was a happy unexpected change for me. It feels wonderful when your project gets praised by an iconic singer like Alka Yagnikji.

Can you share with us your experience of working with the Iconic singer Alka Yagnik?

Yes! It was a wonderful experience for me to get a chance to sing with her. She is very humble and has such a positive personality. I had a lovely time working with Alkaji. I got to learn a lot of good things from her.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

The music that I compose is basically my inner feelings. I compose and sing with complete passion and love. I love to express that to the audience and keep them entertained with my concepts and projects. I will keep doing my best and bring out even more lovely projects.

If it was not a music career, what would you have taken up?

I have always had a major interest in sports, as well. I believe that if I would have not gone ahead on the path of music, then I would definitely have been a cricketer. I still play cricket from time to time just to keep my body pumped up.


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