“The Voice” to begin heading toward finale


Season 21 of “The Voice” is heading toward its conclusion. Unlike previous seasons, the specific schedule is unclear for the show’s finale. While some of the Hoosier state favorites have been eliminated, there is still a strong contingent of singers for viewers to root for.

However, the schedule for the season conclusion of the show is speculative at this point. According to heavy.com, the current season of “The Voice” could end on either Nov. 30, or Dec. 14. Regardless of the date, the website contends that the finale will be a three-hour special with the winner crowned at the end.

The speculative schedule devised by heavy.com seems a little off. The schedule for a Nov. 30 end does not allow for a Top 11 performance show. As viewers already know, that show has already happened. The website also guesses that for an ending date in December, the Top 11 show wouldn’t happen until Nov. 22. The Top 11 results show did happen this week as assumed by this schedule, so perhaps the December schedule is more accurate.

“The Voice”: who is left to sing?

Although a favorite, Fort Wayne’s Samuel Harness did not make it to the Top 13. He was part of an elimination show Nov. 9 that sent eight contestants home. Still, listening to some of the remaining talent, some audiences might concur with gold derby.com and meaww.com that report Harness was “robbed.” Regardless of where he is from, Harness has an unforgettable voice, full of passion, and marked by superior diction and delivery. Not all of the remaining 11 can boast as much.

After watching the awkward “sing-to-avoid-elimination” show which yielded the top 11, viewers know that “The Voice” season 21 is left with the following performers: A Girl named Tom, Hailey Mia, Holly Forbes, Lana Scott, Jeremy Rosado, Joshua Vacanti, Jershika Maple, Jim and Sasha Allen, Paris Winningham, Wendy Moten, and Gymani. The latter was in the Bottom Three, but ousted her competitors with her version of Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love.” The performance had a professional singer’s sexy vibe, which made host Carson Daly offer compliments.

From its questionable start in 2011, “The Voice” has evolved in the face of controversy from accusations of being looks-based, despite the turned chairs aspect, to acrimony among the judges, the show persists. The show has achieved a diversity that probably few people would have guessed. Now the show includes several people of color, a range of body types, and a spectrum of hair and clothing styles that reflect the audience.

As always, audiences will stay tuned until the next season’s winner is announced.

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