Is it love by Delhi/Wembley Music Artists Sukriti Kakkar/Ash Khan


Today’s first post is Is it love by Delhi/Wembley Music Artists Sukriti Kakkar/Ash Khan. This post is a short news snippet about the release of the song, Is it love by the Music Artists Sukriti Kakkar and Ash Khan.

Is it love by Delhi/Wembley Music Artists Sukriti Kakkar/Ash Khan

Voila Digi’s Is it love is crooned by Ash King and Sukriti Kakar and besides Prachi Vora, it features Satvik Sankhyan. It is backed by Dharmesh Vora and co-written by Dharmesh and Bhrigu Parashar. The romantic melody is composed by Jay Mehta.

While talking about her journey Prachi Vora, who marks her acting debut with Is it love… shares, “I always loved to multitask and want to try multiple endeavors in life. Dancing and theater were always things that attracted me. I was always an active participant in college events. I have completed my MBA from NYIT, NYC and was working with a top pharma company in the market research field when I was approached for this music video opportunity. I realised that this opportunity would not only give me a chance to explore my passion toward a creative field but also enable me to contribute to social causes.”

“I loved the song and its lyrics and was completely in the mood. My passion for the song made everything very easy and spontaneous. The script of the song has a young college feel which to it was very easy to connect too, I acted the way the script demanded,” she adds.

Is it love… is my first independent collaboration with Sukriti Karkar. It was very exciting to record a Hindi song with English words and get a sort of international feel to it and at the same time it is a romantic song. Absolutely loved singing the song and hope that everyone enjoys it”, shares Ash King.

Producer Dharmesh Vora, who has also penned the lyrics of the song shares, “The real connect to write any lyrics is to connect with your heart and make sure you like that vibe otherwise it’s just not settled in that format. Being producer is the toughest job on earth and it brings a true leader in you and that’s what gave me drive to strive better and be a good team player.”


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