Humse khafa by Guwahati Music Artist Suzonn


Now, let’s go to the fourth post for today – Humse khafa by Guwahati Music Artist Suzonn. This is another news snippet about the launch of the song Humse khafa…

Humse khafa by Guwahati Music Artist Suzonn

Koinage Records, recently, launched Selekt by Koinage, a new label to build an Indie music community and to promote new and emerging independent artists across the region.

The label will come up with creative and individualistic talent catering to different genres and styles of music. At the same time, it will create a platform that will bridge the gap between indie artists and their audience.

Selekt by Koinage launched its first song recently, Humse khafa by Guwahati Music Artist Suzonn. Humse khafa… is a beautiful rendition that takes you through the ups and downs of a relationship and separation from your beloved.

Talking about the song and label, Suzonn said, “By the end of the last decade, the independent artists have been on a rise and a platform like Selekt by Koinage was needed. I am glad that Humse khafa is the first song presented to the world through Selekt.

Talking about Humse khafa, he further added, “It is about two people, who are in separation and the emotions that go through in one’s heart. It is entirely on modern relationships, in short something that everybody will relate to.”

Guwahati-based Suzonn is a singer-songwriter, composer. His simple tunes and profound lyrics originate from experiences of life like love, separation and social issues; offering a sense of relatability to the listeners. His single, Sun lo na, touched more than 5 Million hearts and even earned praise and recognition from Hritik Roshan.

Ramit Bhat, Director, Koinage Records; on the launch, said, “The music industry is dynamic and so is the taste of the music of the people around. This makes it important to tap different genres and bring in different talents.”

He has more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, sports management, curating corporate events and music IPs. He is also associated as a director with Chic Management Services and as Head of Marketing with KVS Energy and Sports.

Naveen Soni, Director, Koinage Records, further added, “With Selekt by Koinage, we tend to step into the world of indie music and make a platform that will bridge the gap between different indie artists throughout South East Asia and the listeners.”

Naveen Soni is not only the director of Koinage Records and Katalyst Entertainment and Talent and Beyond; he is also a distinguished personality with an experience of more than 15 years in curating live events and entertainment shows. His company has managed key celebrities like Sonu Sood, Adnan Sami and many more.


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