Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi – Kishore Kumar – R D Burman – Rishi Kapoor | Duniya (1984)


Today’s second post is the analysis of the song, Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi, from the Bollywood movie Duniya (1984). The song has been analyzed based on its context and visualization.

Movie – Duniya (1984)

The song, Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi, was featured in the Dharma Productions’ action movie Duniya (1984), directed by Ramesh Talwar and produced by Yash Johar. The movie starred Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, Amrita Singh, Pran, Amrish Puri, etc.

Mohan Kumar (Dilip Kumar) is released from prison and visits an orphanage looking for his son, Ravi, who was taken in after Mohan Kumar was sent to jail 14 years ago. It turns out that the 7-year-old boy disappeared from there within months of admission. Mohan Kumar is frustrated by the irresponsible behavior of the manager and visits his old home, which is in ruins now. He remembers the time he was happy with his wife Sumitra (Saira Banu) and son, several years ago.

Jugal Kishore Ahuja aka J K (Pran), Prakash (Prem Chopra) and Balwant (Amrish Puri), who are responsible for the mess that had happened in Mohan Kumar’s life; are big shots post 14 years. Mohan Kumar locates them with the help of his former jail mate, R D Puri (Ashok Kumar) and threatens them.

On the other hand, Ravi Kumar (Rishi Kapoor) is a con artist and is good with card games. He is recruited by J K (Pran) for his gambling den. In the meantime, Mohan Kumar rescues his former employer, the dead Dinesh Verma’s (Pradeep Kumar) daughter Roma (Amrita Singh), from being tortured by her wayward alcoholic maternal uncle (Satyen Kapoo).

On Roma’s birthday, Mohan Kumar books a table at a high-end hotel but cannot go with her due to some new commitment. He tells her that he would join her later. Roma reaches the hotel and is seen with a lot of money, by Tony (Javed Khan), a former accomplice of conman Ravi Kumar. Balwant is waiting for Mohan Kumar to kill him at that hotel. Tony runs to Ravi, who insists that his range is different now. But soon, Tony convinces Ravi and the latter meets Roma inside the hotel and tries to impress her with this song.

Song – Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi

The lyrics of the song, Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi, were penned by Javed Akhtar and the music was set by R D Burman.

The man sings, “You are the princess from the city of the moon. I am a gypsy from this earth.”

Video – Tu chand nagar ki shehzadi

The cinematography is by Jehangir Choudhary-Jal Mistry. Dance choreography is by Suresh Bhatt.

The video opens with Rishi Kapoor beginning the song and pointing at a girl playing the flute. Amrita Singh seems to be beginning to get impressed. He points at another girl, who also plays the flute.

Rishi Kapoor begins to dance with the 2 girls. Soon, he signals the girls to get the other patrons present at the hotel to dance. Javed Khan is pleased with the goings-on. Rishi Kapoor coaxes Amrita Singh to join him in a dance…without her sling bag.

Amrish Puri, one of the villains, is looking at his watch. Dilip Kumar is driving a car. Javed Khan pockets Amrita Singh’s sling bag and moves away from her table. She is still dancing but looks at her watch and tries to return to her table.

Amrish Puri is smoking a cigarette. Dilip Kumar is at the hotel and is on the way to the restaurant area, looking at his watch. Everyone seems to be only looking at their watches in this video. 🙂 The song ends at this point and the video continues with dialogues.


Kishore Kumar has sung this song for Rishi Kapoor. Amrita Singh, Javed Khan, Amrish Puri, Dilip Kumar and others are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.

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