Season 21 of “The Voice” features Indiana performers


It is difficult to believe that 10 years and 21 seasons later, people are still watching “The Voice.” But, with the show’s slightly changing cast of celebrity judges, and an army of singers from around the country, the appeal is there. Lately, four performers from Indiana have been making names for themselves. Samuel Harness and A Girl Named Tom are currently representing the Hoosier State well on “The Voice.”

Samuel Harness of Fort Wayne, and three siblings known as A Girl Named Tom, from South Bend continue to woo judges and audiences with every performance. And, it is no small feat that the performers have won their way through the Battle Rounds and Knockouts. This season of “The Voice” features a talented group of singers, whose belted, whispered, and otherwise perfectly executed notes are awe-inspiring. Which means that the singers from Indiana who are still in, are also wow-ing audiences and judges.

Indiana singers on “The Voice”

Of course, this is not the first time Indiana singers have been on “The Voice.” Certainly none from the Hoosier State have gotten as far as Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen a few years ago. Her work on the show inspired watch parties around Fort Wayne, in public and private gatherings.

Now, in an exciting new season of “The Voice,” some of the loudest audience responses are inspired by Harness and A Girl Named Tom. Respectively, the singers’ renditions of “Bruises” and “Wichita Lineman” are the sort that make even cynical audiences pay attention.

For his part, Harness’s “Bruises” is a raw-voiced dark tenor that is energetic and powerful. His control is superb, and his voice does not crack or rasp too much. The clarity is part of the appeal. The song tells the story of a man who finds his biological mother as an adult, a story similar to Harness’s own, and he sings it with authority and vulnerability.

A Girl Named Tom performed “Wichita Lineman” and dedicated it to their father. The siblings, two brothers and their sister, kept the narrative song (a Glen Campbell classic) clear. Their tight harmonies and beautiful tones enrapture audiences and judges who cannot believe the stellar sounds the trio is making.

As this season of “The Voice” continues, it is likely that one or all of these Indiana performers will be in the finals. A panel of judges and many new fans will be listening.

Harness is Team Legend, and A Girl Named Tom is Team Kelly.


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