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For the first post, let’s have the song, Balma Balma tum Balma, from the Bollywood movie Nagina (1986), continuing with the talk about my idol Sridevi.

Movie – Nagina (1986)

The song, Balma Balma tum Balma, was featured in Eastern Films’ fantasy Nagina (1986) produced and directed by late Harmesh Malhotra. The cast includes Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Sushma Seth, Prem Chopra, Komal Mahuvakar, Amrish Puri, etc.

The name of the movie is Nagina, but the precious stone is not shown throughout this movie and only references are made to it in dialogues.

Rajiv (Rishi Kapoor) is a wealthy land-owner, living in a palatial home with his mother (Sushma Seth). His mother wants him to get married to Vijaya (Komal Mahuvakar), the only daughter of Thakur Ajay Singh (Prem Chopra). But Rajiv is attracted to their old ancestral house where one day he finds a girl (Sridevi) singing a song. It turns out that her name is Rajni and she tells him several things from his past, which he does not remember. His mother (Sushma Seth) avoids the topic of his past, altogether. This intrigues him more.

Rajiv’s Munshi (Jagdeep) is celebrating his wedding anniversary and invites Rajiv to the event. Thinking Rajni would be there, he attends it. But, Rajni is actually sitting on the steps of the nearby temple. He goes to the temple; they meet and begin dating. Rajiv’s mother finalizes his marriage to Vijaya. He speaks to Vijaya and tells her that he cannot marry her. She is tearful but tells him that she would convince her father.

Thakur Ajay Singh is furious when he hears that Rajiv is not interested in getting married to his daughter and sends out one of his men (Viju Khote) to find out about Rajni. Rajiv also convinces his mother to meet Rajni after some melodrama. Rajni returns after a date with Rajiv. Thakur’s man tries to kidnap her but a couple of snakes save her. Rajiv’s mother accepts Rajni as the daughter-in-law and the young couple gets married. Thakur plots to disrupt the marriage before the tying of the mangalsutra ritual happens and again a couple of snakes save the day for the young couple.

Enter Bhairon Nath (Amrish Puri), the snake charmer. Rajiv’s mother for some reason is impressed with him and thinks that he is some ascetic. Bhairon Nath sniffs a snake inside Rajiv’s home and it turns out that Rajni is, hold your breath, a shape-shifting snake!

Thakur holds Rajiv’s properties with the power of attorney he has and refuses to return the properties to the rightful owner. Rajiv’s father had been given a letter by Thakur that he would return the properties to Rajiv. Rajiv tries to find the letter but to no avail. Rajni realizes that the file with the letter is at the top of a cupboard at his office and tells him to search for it again. When he is searching for it, Rajni appears on top of the cupboard as a snake and pushes the file from the top.

On finding the letter, Rajiv decides to take the letter to his lawyer. Thakur gets to know about it and sends his goons to kill the younger man. Rajni tries to stop her husband. But he doesn’t listen. So, she performs this song for him, at this point.

Song – Balma Balma tum Balma

The music of the song, Balma Balma tum Balma, was composed by Lakshmi-Pyare and the lyrics were penned by Anand Bakshi.

The girl sings, “You are my beloved in name only. It doesn’t matter to you even if I die.”

Video – Balma Balma tum Balma

Cinematography V Durgaprasad. Dance choreography is by Saroj Khan.

The video opens with Sridevi blocking the bedroom door and undulating like a snake in tune with the music. Rishi Kapoor seems to be beginning to get impressed. She snatches the file from his hand and begins to sing.

Sridevi returns the file to him and tries to entice him through her dance. She pulls the file and throws it behind her. Then, she pushes him on the bed and he is tempted to get intimate with her.

He takes a back somersault and moves away from her, gesturing toward the clock. Before he picks up the file, she picks it up herself and begins to dance with it. He snatches the file from her and scolds her.

Sridevi begins to cry and continues to sing. She wipes the tears from her cheek and flicks them on him. When she makes him sit on a chair and runs to the door to continue to dance, he is amused.

Sridevi continues to dance. But he leaves anyways. Her eyes turn blue and tears run down her cheeks. The song ends abruptly and the video also ends as Sridevi continues to undulate in tune with the music.


Kavita Krishnamurthi has sung this song for Sridevi. Rishi Kapoor is also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There is some influence of the snake charmers’ culture on this song. This is a romantic song sung by the heroine. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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