Music is my Priority – says Arzutraa


In today’s second post, Music is my Priority – says Arzutraa, the well-known pop singer, Arzutraa talks about her future plans, shares about hobbies, besides of course about her music. Arzutraa is driving the audience crazy with her soulful music. After successfully launching her own beauty brand Arz Organic Beauty, she is back to where it all began for her, MUSIC. Arzutraa is all set with her third music album and plans to launch the first single from the album very soon. We caught up with the very talented singer recently and here is some extract from our conversation:   

Tell us more about your third album and what is the idea behind it. Any unexpected challenges?

Well, my third album will come out soon. The thought behind the album is love and celebration. We all fall in love but it’s time we celebrate it as everything is so unpredictable now. I have faced a lot of challenges shooting and recording for the album majorly due to COVID. My music team is based in Dubai and so there were some travel restrictions.

Who introduced you to music and when did you start learning?

My father was the one who introduced me to Indian music and that’s when I started practicing singing in my room. I used to listen to Lataji (lata Mangeshkar) when I was a kid and got super inspired with her voice. She was my mentor. Later, I also learnt from Shreya Ghoshal when I was in college. She was a guiding light and I improved my Hindi and accent listening to her.

Music is my Priority – says Arzutraa
Music is my Priority – says Arzutraa

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of singing?

I love shopping and I’m a true skincare expert. I love plants and herbs. A nature lover. All this inspires me and I love interacting with my fans on social media. You will see the immense love I get from people on my social media – just unmatched.

Tell me about your process. How do you find inspiration while working on a deadline?

I stay ahead of everything and try to do things on time and not at the last minute. So, punctuality comes first to me. I don’t like doing my work late. My team knows how professional I am so the process is smooth.

When was the first moment when you realized that singing was going to pay off for you?

That was after my debut album Woh pal… which was a great success and fans showered so much love. That was the moment I got so confident about myself and I decided to pursue music as a career and give it all I have. It was a huge push for me that motivated me to come out as a new promising singer.

What are your plans for the coming months?

It’s a surprise. Well, I’m looking forward to dropping exciting tracks soon and you will get to see a different approach with a new touch and music. Music is my priority and I’m so much into it. In the coming months, I will be coming up with my new album and with some surprises.

Would you like to share anything else about yourself or your music with your readers?

I would be coming to Dubai soon and would love to visit India, as well, as soon as I get a chance to. It’s been so long and my fans over there are anxiously waiting so I could get back to traveling this coming year. Also get ready for my third album, it will be a treat!

You have a new album coming out, tell us about the name and what made you choose that name as the album name.

I will be announcing the name, soon. The album will have both slow jams, romantic to sad songs as well as dance tracks. So big surprises are coming.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Ah! A lot of singers actually. Bilal Saeed and Atif Aslam from Pakistan are very versatile singers and they have so much potential. Arijit Singh from India is another name from India that is beyond perfection and it will be a dream come true to collaborate with such great artists. These artists are amazing. So much to learn from them.

Congratulations on your beauty brand, tell us about the feedback you have received and your next step for the brand.

Thank you so much. I have received immense love for the Arz Organic Beauty. It’s an extension of my own skincare, which I’m sharing with the world. The brand is all set to be launched in the retail market and websites, soon. I’m really excited about that. It’s my vision to genuinely help out those in need of skin and hair rescue.


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