Gori tame by Ahmedabad Music Artist Dhruvin Mevada


Today’s first post is the short news snippet on the launch of the song, Gori tame by Ahmedabad Music Artist Dhruvin Mevada.


Navratri is celebrated with great vigour and fervor in India and several other countries, globally. The people have their own vivid ways to celebrate this high energy festival. 

They say the Navratri festival is all about lights and those perfect graceful moves during the traditional dance Garba. The 9-day long festival lights up the streets, coupled with a treat of music everywhere. Navratri is all about those upbeat songs and the most loved Garba

Various Garba shows and street dandiya nights are organized. However, this year’s celebrations will be a little different due to the pandemic. But we can always come up with our ways to light up the Navratri season. So, celebrating Navratri and playing Garba sums up those high-end Falguni Pathak tracks and the vibrant outfits. 

As the country gears up for this Navratri festival, Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music Company have released this iconic Navratri track, Gori tame… an exciting Garba dance song that will elevate your enthusiasm for Garba nights! 

Gori tame by Ahmedabad Music Artist Dhruvin Mevada

As we talk about numerous Garba hits, a few songs are known to be evergreen. The song, Gori tame… is an expression of that beautiful love chemistry with Navratri’s special beats. The song is sung by Dhruvin Mevada. The lyrics of the song are given by Mahindar, elegantly capturing the true essence of the festival. Surely there is no turning back once you play this song. It seems to be an instant hit and adds more of a subtly romantic vibe. Photofit Music Company and Suresh Bhanushali tend to produce songs that adhere to the audience’s tastes and are loved by everybody in the music industry. 

Photofit Music Company has released songs from upbeat party hits to slow-paced romantic songs based on various themes and well-known artists from the industry, few of them were proficiently directed, crafted the vision into inch-perfect reality by Amit K Shiva. The songs have received much appreciation and response, as the projects were skilfully filmed and monitored at the par of excellence under the project head Rajiv John Sauson. The record label has released various other songs in several languages and the songs have received unparalleled support from the audience.

Photofit Music Company has produced several major hits and this Navratri special Garba song will touch your hearts and make you dance with groovy beats and rhythmic music.


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