Guitarists Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Johannes Tonio Kreusch shine on debut album


Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Johannes Tonio Kreusch’s debut album, “El Maniserio” was released Aug. 10, 2021. The pair is joined by special guest Cornelius Claudio Kreusch on piano. With “El Maniserio,” Barbosa-Lima and Kreusch demonstrate the electric sound and style of the acoustic guitar. The result is a set of songs that are stylish and energetic. The songs are cover tunes of Latin American favorites. The pair, and sometimes trio, manage to make the songs their own.

About Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Johannes Tonio Kreusch

Barbosa-Lima has a long history of performing in his native Latin-America and now Germany. Some of the songs that he performs on “El Maniserio” Barbosa-Lima does so because he has a personal connection with the original performers. One performer with such a connection to Barbosa-Lima is Alberto Ginastera. Their previous work together was so memorable that Ginastera named 1976’s Sonata op. 47 is dedicated to Barbosa-Lima. The song became a standard in classical guitar literature.

Kreusch has a solid reputation as a classical guitar player. his skillset in Latin-American music developed while he studied at Juilliard in New York City, and when he met Barbosa-Lima. Soon, Kreusch developed into an important interpreter of Latin-American music.

The sound of “El Manisero” by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Johannes Tonio Kreusch

The sound of the title track is difficult to describe. It is jaunty without being whimsical. The guitars’ nuances fulfill listeners’ expectations. Each instrument seems to play motifs in triplets. The masterful handling by Barbosa-Lima and Kreusch puts audiences at ease – – they can feel that the soundscape will not fall apart in the two men’s capable hands.

“Canta Mais” is beautiful and moody. The sound evokes waterfalls, and waves of emotion. If a listener did not know any better, he or she might think that the sounds were made by different instruments than on previous songs.

What will captivate most audiences is the richness of sound, the attention to detail. The musicians clue audiences in about where in the song they are, and there are no surprise endings, or tangents.

“El Manisero” is a beautiful undertaking with much to recommend it. Fans of classical guitar should make sure that they get a copy of this one. The recording is perfect for listening alone, but also for sharing with a small crowd of close friends.

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