Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen – Mohd. Rafi/Lata – Shankar-Jaikishan – Shammi Kapoor | Dil Tera Deewana (1962)


Today’s first post is the analysis of the song, Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen, from the Bollywood movie Dil Tera Deewana (1962). The song has been analyzed on the basis of its context and visualization.

Movie – Dil Tera Deewana (1962)

The song, Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen, appeared in the Padmini Pictures’ rom-com Dil Tera Deewana (1962), produced and directed by B R Panthulu. The movie starred Shammi Kapoor, Mala Sinha, Mahmood, etc.

Mohan (Shammi Kapoor) is a foolhardy and rebellious son of Diwan Badriprasad (Ulhas). The young man is not always where he is expected to be. One day, Badriprasad and his wife (Mumtaz Begum) are wondering where their son is. At that point, Mohan is at the Rebel Club, frolicking with his friend, Anokhe (Mahmood). Badriprasad catches up with his son and reprimands him. He also takes his son forcibly back home.

Badriprasad arranges for his son to be taught some lessons in discipline, through his friend, Retired Army Captain Dayaram (Om Prakash). To avoid being punished for his brash behavior by the retired army officer, Mohan asks Anokhe to take his place at the army captain’s bungalow, which Anokhe agrees.

Mohan, on the other hand, due to some comic situations lands up without money with Meena (Mala Sinha) and agrees to drive her taxi to help her eke out a living. Meena and Mohan have fallen in love but have not confessed to each other, though they know each other’s feelings. Mohan takes Meena for a date one evening in her own cab and it rains. They confess their feelings for each other, during this date through a song.

Badriprasad and his wife visit Dayaram’s house worried about their only son. Hilariously, it is Mohan, who brings them to their destination, hiding behind a hat, Meena’s cab. During the old couple’s stay, Mohan and Anokhe have a tough time in handing the 2 older men. The trip comes to a close after some really amusing situations.

On another date, Meena and Mohan are seen by Ganpat (Pran), who had been taking advantage of Meena and her blind father (Manmohan Krishna). Ganpat meets Meena’s father and tells him about Meena and Mohan are having an affair. Meena’s father throws him out. But, before going Ganpat insists that he would be the one, who would attain Meena. When Meena and Mohan return, her father is angry. But they convince him that they have not done anything wrong and plan to get married with his blessings. The old man blesses them and they go on another date, to sing this song.

Song – Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen

The lyrics of the song, Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen, were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri and were set to tune by Shankar-Jaikishan.

The man sings, “Your face looks innocent. Your style kills. I died before death came.” The girl replies, “Your eyes are deeper than the ocean. I am afraid I will be drowned after I am brought to the coast.”

Video – Maasoom chehera yeh katil adayen

The cinematographer is V Ramamurthy.

The video opens with Shammi Kapoor hurrying toward Mala Sinha, who is standing at a level above on a balcony. The scene is supposed to be of outdoors. But I feel that it is a studio shot.

When he is close, she gives him something to eat and he takes it in the mouth in a hilarious way. He also places a piece of the savory in her mouth and begins the song. She also joins him in the song.

She climbs down the steps and he goes to the other balcony, which is at a lower level. He follows her and brings her to the balcony, holding her hand. They seem to have climbed down to the ground level.

She goes and sits near a water fountain. He follows her and she gets up. They continue the song together. Soon, the song peters out and ends. The video also ends as the pair walks toward the camera.


Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar have sung this song for Shammi Kapoor and Mala Sinha.

Cultural Influence

This video is the colorized version of the song picturized on b/w. This song has a little naughtiness in it, I feel. I just love Shammi Kapoor’s antics in the video. This is a lesser known song from the movie. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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