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Movie – Chandramukhi (2005)

The song, Annanoda pattu, was featured in the Sivaji Productions’ Tamil psychological horror-thriller Chandramukhi (2005) directed by P Vasu and produced by Ramkumar Ganesan. The movie starred Rajnikanth, Prabhu, Jyotika, Nayantara, Vadivelu, K R Vijaya, Sheela, etc.

Dr. Saravanan (Rajnikanth) is a psychiatrist and a good friend of Senthilnathan (Prabhu). Senthil’s father got married to Kasthuri (K R Vijaya) and his ties with his extended family deteriorated. Kasthuri had suggested that Senthil would get married to one of the girls from the extended family and Senthil’s father’s cousin Akhilandeshwari (Sheela) is in anticipation of the wedding. But, because Senthil got married to Ganga (Jyotika) and he has got a road-building contract in their native village, Kathuri fears that Akhilandeshwari would kill Ganga, if they go to the village. Akhilandeshwari appears to be so dangerous.

Senthil says that he had bought the Vettaiyapuram mansion where the couple would live during the course of the stay. Kasthuri reveals that there are several horror stories associated with the mansion. That’s where Saravanan comes in. He promises that his best friend and his wife would not be hurt when they go to the village and begins his research about the mansion. Post his research, he leaves for the village in a bid to placate Senthil’s relatives and test the ground for the safe stay of Senthil and Ganga, on a bullock cart.

On reaching the village, Saravanan is welcomed by the family thinking that he is Senthil, despite Saravanan telling them otherwise. Akhilandeshwari has gone to visit their family temple. In her absence, Saravanan visits the Vettaiyapuram mansion with Senthil’s uncle Murugeshan (Vadivelu). The mansion has not been taken care of for a while. There is no light inside nor does the sunlight enter inside. The place looks horrifying and Murugeshan has a very bad time.

When they return, Akhilandeshwari is back and demands to know where Senthil is. She deduced that Saravanan is not the bridegroom from the fact that he came via a bullock cart and she believes that Senthil would not travel via the cheap vehicle. Senthil and Ganga arrive in a car at that moment and announce that the couple is shifting to the Vettaiyapuram mansion. Akhilandeshwari insists that all of them come with the couple to stay there because of the dangers lurking in it. Her hidden intentions are to watch the death of the couple in the mansion.

The family decides to visit their family temple. Saravanan insists that they travel in bullocks. On the way, they meet the caretaker of the Vettaiyapuram mansion (Vijayakumar). When another of Senthil’s Uncle Kandasamy (Nassar) asks him about his presence there, the caretaker replies that his granddaughter, Durga was flying kites with some kids. Saravanan and others stop there to join Durga.

Since the time Saravanan meets Durga, he keeps teasing her. The next day morning, Durga is conducting a music class when Saravanan, woken up from a deep sleep, disrupts the class. The next day, Saravanan sends the students off to watch a movie in a theater while Durga is waiting for them. Her grandfather tells her not to take the classes during the stay of Saravanan. Despite being discouraged by her grandfather; she goes inside the mansion to confront her tormentor.

Inside, Saravanan has a galaxy of musical instruments readily kept for her, including her harmonium. Durga refuses to use them and stammers that her harmonium has been tarnished by the touch of a non-music enthusiast like him, who knows nothing about music. Saravanan sings a song, with a folk touch, that says that music is present in everything. Durga apologizes and leaves. Saravanan has to leave the town because one of his patients is serious. Saravanan and Durga seem to have fallen in love with each other.

Once Saravanan leaves problem crops up in the Vettaiyapuram mansion. Strange things begin to happen involving Ganga and the people living in the mansion blame Durga. Luckily, Saravanan returns and begins to clarify that he had accepted the stay of Senthil and Ganga in the mansion only because that he was assured of their safety.

Things go to the extent of Senthil’s coffee getting poisoned and other accidents. When a fish aquarium made of glass almost kills Senthil and apparently Durga was responsible for it, Saravanan locks her up in a room. An exorcist, Ramchandra Acharya (Avinash) is employed by Kandaswamy, who gets miffed by Saravanan’s attitude and behavior.

Kandaswamy’s firstborn, Priya (Malavika) is in love with a dancer professor, Vishwanathan (Vineeth) and she makes him live in the house in front of the Vettaiyapuram mansion. Kandaswamy’s family approaches him for a matrimonial alliance with Priya, after Saravanan informs them of the love matter. On the D-day of their engagement, Saravanan, Senthil and others perform this song.

Song – Annanoda pattu

The lyrics of the song, Annanoda pattu, were penned by Pa. Vijay and set to tune by Vidyasagar.

The song goes thus, “This is the song of the elder brother.”

Video – Annanoda pattu

The cinematography is by Sekhar V Joseph. Dance choreography is by D K S Babu/B H Tarun Kumar/Raju Sundaram/Kala/Brinda.

The video opens with Nassar and Vinaya Prasad inviting Avinash for the engagement ceremony of their first daughter, played by Malavika. Avinash assures Nassar that the issues plaguing the Vettaiyapuram mansion residents would be solved soon.

Sheela tells Nassar that she would not be coming for the engagement because of her ego issues with Rajnikanth. She is piqued that Rajnikath had informed them of Malavika’s love matter, first. Sonu Sood, who plays Sheela’s handyman, is standing near Sheela.

Nassar suggests to Vanaya Prasad that they let the issue be as it is for the time being. The celebrations begin with a brilliant display of firecrackers. A woman sings a folk tune in front of the camera.

The camera pans to the mandap where decorations and the preliminary poojas are happening with Malavika. Rajnikanth, Prabhu and other actors are seen walking toward the camera, wearing white traditional South Indian outfits.

Vadivelu is also present among the male actors in the group. Rajnikanth begins to sing and dance this song. All the main characters, except Vineeth, Malavika, Sheela and Sonu Sood, are seen dancing to the tune of the song. There are a couple of changes of the costumes.

Vineeth and Malavika are sitting on chairs on the podium, watching the performance joyously. Rajnikanth blesses Vineeth and Jyotika teases Malavika. Vineeth also joins in the dance. The steps are so simple that it does injustice to the accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer like Vineeth.

Rajnikanth performs a few steps at the head of a group of girls. Some girls with short dresses join the dance. I wonder if this is required. Everything was going fine when this shot was brought in.

Rajnikanth is giving some free philosophical advice to the viewers. There’s no connection between what is being said in the song and these girls. Vineeth gets a call on his cellphone and leaves after informing Nassar.

The song continues. Jyotika watches Vineeth leave but continues to dance. Soon, Rajnikanth realizes that Jyotika has also disappeared. The song peters out here. He runs to the mansion looking for her and climbs to the terrace. The video also ends there.


KK, Chinnaponnu, Sujatha, Karthik and Aparna have sung this song for the male artists and the female artists. Nassar, Vinaya Prasad, Avinash, Sheela, Sonu Sood, Rajnikanth, Prabhu, Jyotika, Vadivelu, Vineeth, Malavika and others are seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

This is a typical song of celebration, predominantly eulogizing Rajnikanth. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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