Bollywoody Shabdakshari Jeevan


Today’s first post is Bollywoody Shabdakshari Jeevan. This article is the continuation of the Bollywoody Shabdakshari Hum that was posted last week. The current article has some of my favorite Bollywood songs beginning with the Hindi word ‘jeevan’. I hope you will like them.

Bollywoody Shabdakshari Jeevan

Jeevanke safar mein raahi… Munimji (1955)

Jeevanse bhari teri ankhen… Safar (1970)

Jeevanse na haar o jeenewale… Door Ka Raahi (1971)

Jeevanki bagiya mehkegi… Tere Mere Sapne (1971)

Jeevan chalneka naam… Shor (1972)

Jeevanke din chote sahi hum bhi bade dilwale… Bade Dilwala (1983)


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