O Amironke Parmeshwar (Version 2) – Asha Bhonsle – C Ramchander – Vaijayantimala | Paigham (1959)


Movie – Paigham (1959)

The song, O Amironke Parmeshwar (Version 2), appeared in Gemini Pictures’ hit dramedy Paigham (1959), directed and produced by S S Vasan. The movie starred Dilip Kumar Vaijayantimala, Raaj Kumar, B Saroja Devi, Motilal, Johnny Walker, etc.

The movie begins with friends Manju (Vaijayantimala) and Malti (B Saroja Devi) looking at their results on the college notice board. Manju has passed with flying colors and Malti has not. In the next shot, these 2 girls get into Malti’s car with some other friends. Malti drops her best friend, Manju at the latter’s home. She has already dropped her other friends elsewhere. When Manju’s mother (Vasundhara Devi) comes out and Manju introduces her friend to her that her father is a big business tycoon at Rangpur, the older woman swoons. This happens after Malti has left. So, Manju goes out to find a doctor. She finds a cycle rickshaw guy, Ratan (Dilip Kumar), who not only takes her to the doctor but also pays his fees.

Malti has promised her bestie that she would ask her father to employ her in their company. Despite the fact that there was no vacancy, he agrees. Malti sends a telegram (not the app! But, a postal telegram hard copy) to Manju with the information. Manju hurries inside her house to give her the good news when she finds the older lady in the Pooja room. Initially, Manju’s mother tells her not to take up the job. She seems to have a secret, she is hiding from her daughter. But then, Manju convinces the older woman that since there was no vacancy in their own town, she did not have any other alternative.

Meanwhile, Ratan returns to a warm welcome from his family. His brother, Ram (Raaj Kumar) is shocked when Ratan tells him that he would drive a cycle rickshaw to make both ends meet and pay his engineering college fees. Malti shows Manju her office seat and then takes her to the factory. At the factory, suddenly the work stops due to a technical default – a gear breaks. The mechanic says that the parts have to be ordered from abroad, which would take several months. During those months, the factory would be closed. It so happens that Ratan is there (he had come with his brother, who works there) and sorts out the issue in a jiffy.

Ratan believes that India can be self-reliant. Both, Manju and Malti are impressed. Malti’s father Sewakram (Motilal) is so impressed that he offers him a job, which the young man accepts after some convincing. Manju and Ratan are in love and express it through a song. But, Malti is also not far behind. She wants to attain Ratan at all costs.

Malti’s rich family has several servants. One of them is Nandu (Johnny Walker). He owes a lot of money to pathans and lives a hand-to-mouth existence.

The problem begins when the mill workers are made to sign for 3 months’ bonus and given only one month’s amount. Then, a mill worker has an accident during duty and Ratan takes up the issue of helping him receive the compensation. Malti’s father Sewakram (Motilal) hushes up the issue by paying only 200 rupees to the accident victim. Ratan forms a union with the help of other workers and Manju to protest against the atrocities of the capitalist mill owner.

Sewakram creates a rift between Ratan and his brother Ramlal (Raaj Kumar) when the elder brother’s daughter’s scheduled marriage is almost canceled by the groom’s mother as she asks for 2000 bucks in dowry. Ramlal begs for the money from Sewakram, who blackmails Ratan to leave the union. But, Ratan is adamant and does not give up his principles. Nandu tries to take advantage of the given situation by trying to bag some compensation for a supposed accident in Sewakram’s mansion and ends up losing his job.

Ratan rejects Malti’s advances, who shows her ire at Manju. Manju has already been thrown out of her job. Additionally, Malti instigates her father against her old friend saying Manju is responsible for the factory union’s arrogance. They visit Manju’s home to confront her. But, they meet Manju’s mother, instead. Manju’s mother hides from the older man, initially. However, when Sewakram accuses Manju, unjustifiably; Manju’s mother comes out of hiding, retaliating. Sewakram is stunned on seeing her and returns home a stricken man.

On Manju’s return home, her mother is about to leave the house. At first, she tells her daughter that she could stay if she wanted. But, Manju decides to go along with her mother. On the way, the older lady falls ill and tells her daughter that Sewakram is her father. The older woman also produces their wedding picture as proof. Manju brings a vaid (a local doctor), who says that her mother may not pull through the night. The younger lady sings this song at this point.

Song – O Amironke Parmeshwar (Version 2)

The song, O Amironke Parmeshwar (Version 2), was written by Kavi Pradeep and C Ramchander set it to tune.

The song goes, “It appears that nobody in this world protects poor people.”

Video – O Amironke Parmeshwar (Version 2)

The cinematography is by P Elappa.

The video opens with Vaijayantimala beginning the song. Post some lamenting, she is seen with her mother. Vasundhara Devi was her real mother. Vaijayantimala has placed her mother’s head on her lap.

Soon, Vaijayantimala is sobbing, as she sings the song. The lamp, which she had brought, while bringing the vaid, gets extinguished. This is symbolic of death. The song and the video end abruptly at this point.


Asha Bhonsle has sung this song for Vaijayantimala. Vasundhara Devi is also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

The heroine rants about not having any support in the world, through this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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