Indiana State Fair to include free concerts


The 2021 Indiana State Fair is slated to begin July 30, 2021, and is scheduled to end Aug. 22, 2021. Just as the entire US is starting to open up, and as efforts to ease the financial burdens of some Americans who are still struggling continue, the news of free concerts as part of the Indiana State Fair was announced on Wednesday.

What free concerts mean at the Indiana State Fair

Free concerts mean that attendees do not have to pay additional fees to see their favorite performers, or musicians who perform in the style of their favorite performers.

The free concerts makes accessibility to live music more equitable, which is important in an era when the financial straits of some Americans make obtaining everyday items difficult. Music cannot solve everything, but it can connect people for a while, and people like to hear from their favorite bands, and people like to have a good time. That good time shouldn’t have a price tag, and now it seems that others agree.

Indiana State Fair: a stellar lineup of performers

Skepticism is real, and doubtless when some people hear of “free” concerts, they will assume that none of the performers will be to their taste. But this year’s lineup at the Indiana State Fair proves such assumptions wrong.

Multiple genres and eras are represented in the lineup. Obviously, the concerts won’t all be held on the same day, so fair attendees will have to coordinate their visit with the performance dates of the bands they want to see. The long-running schedule of the fair will hopefully help with more people getting access to more bands.

Fans of “Yacht Rock” will be pleased with the inclusion of Atlanta Rhythm Section, Firefall, and Orleans on July 30. The concert is sponsored by Yacht Rock Radio.

Christian music will be represented by groups such as Mary, Mary, Casting Crowns, (see schedule for dates) and a Gospel Music Festival on the fair’s last day, headlined by Hezekiah Walker.

Rock fans will likely enjoy Vince Neil of Motley Crue; John Waite and Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty, The Beach Boys, and Barracuda (America’s Heart Tribute).

There are several other acts scheduled to appear, including Babyface and Noah Cyrus. For more information, visit:


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