Fort Wayne Greek Fest 2021 gets new format; keeps great food


Fort Wayne, Ind.- – Fort Wayne’s Greek Fest has a 41-year history. For the second year, though, that history will find the beloved tradition taking place June 24, 2021 through June 26, 2021 at 110 E. Wallen Rd., Fort Wayne. The address is that of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Instead of taking place downtown in Headwaters Park, the festival will take place at the church. But even that new location will feature another twist that proves that pandemic times have brought out ingenuity in business owners seeking to keep patrons safe.

Greek Fest and other Fort Wayne festivals

For decades, people familiar with, and appreciative of the schedule of festivals in Fort Wayne, have come to rely on the kick-off of festival season. In more recent years, festival season would begin with Rib Fest. In years past, there would be Greek Fest, Three Rivers Festival, and for a while, Irish Fest.

However, this year has brought a change to the availability of festivals. While there was no Three Rivers Festival this year, there was Rib Fest (complete with live music, no less), and this year, too, there is also Greek Fest, but not held in its downtown location. Which likely means that the traditional dancing and other cultural aspects might also be lacking. But the festival’s organizers have not lost sight of what attendees find most important: the food.

The role of food in a pandemic era has been discussed at length. Now that cities and venues are opening up, celebrating the ability to gather with loved ones with food is paramount to some people. Thus, Greek Fest makes its food available in a “Fast ‘N’ Go” format this year.

Greek Fest: “Fast ‘N Go” for safety

While Fort Wayne and Allen County residents continue to receive vaccinations, making it safer for people to gather, Greek Fest 2021 will again be a drive-through situation known as a “Fast ‘N Go.” Diners can order ahead of time, or they can order when they arrive. Greek Fest has partnered with local Waiter On the Way to reach those who cannot come to the church during the days of the festival. Interested parties should visit Search the menu for Greek Fest.

Attendees of Greek Fest 2021 will find a menu full of favorites. Gyros, souvlaki, and baklava are among other items, round out the menu.

The Greek Fest Fast ‘N Go runs each day of the festival from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.


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