O Amironke Parmeshwar – Asha Bhonsle – C Ramchander – Vasundhara Devi | Paigham (1959)


Movie – Paigham (1959)

The song, O Amironke Parmeshwar, appeared in Gemini Pictures’ hit dramedy Paigham (1959), directed and produced by S S Vasan. The movie starred Dilip Kumar Vaijayantimala, Raaj Kumar, B Saroja Devi, Motilal, Johnny Walker, etc.

The movie begins with friends Manju (Vaijayantimala) and Malti (B Saroja Devi) looking at their results on the college notice board. Manju has passed with flying colors and Malti has not. In the next shot, these 2 girls get into Malti’s car with some other friends. Malti drops her best friend, Manju at the latter’s home. She has already dropped her other friends elsewhere. When Manju’s mother comes out and Manju introduces her friend to her that her father is a big business tycoon at Rangpur, the older woman swoons. This happens after Malti has left. So, Manju goes out to find a doctor. She finds a cycle rickshaw guy, Ratan (Dilip Kumar), who not only takes her to the doctor but also pays his fees.

Malti has promised her bestie that she would ask her father to employ her in their company. Despite the fact that there was no vacancy, he agrees. Malti sends a telegram (not the app! But, a postal telegram) to Manju with the information. Manju hurries inside her house to give her the good news when she finds the older lady beginning this song.

Song – O Amironke Parmeshwar

The song, O Amironke Parmeshwar, was written by Kavi Pradeep and C Ramchander set it to tune.

The song goes, “O God, why are you partial to the rich people?”

Video – O Amironke Parmeshwar

The cinematography is by P Elappa.

The video opens with Vaijayantimala hurrying into the Pooja room and Vasundhara Devi beginning the song. Vaijayantimala is watching the other actor with wonder in her eyes. Soon, the song peters out and the video also ends there.


Asha Bhonsle has sung this song for Vasundhara Devi and Vaijayantimala is also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

This song is a bhajan. But, it also demands justice from the Lord. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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