Antakshari with Hariharan


Today’s post is the Antakshari with Hariharan. This article is a continuation of the Antakshari with Sukhwinder Singh that was posted last Friday. That article had the last song ending with the Hindi letter ‘ra’. The current article has the first song beginning with the same Hindi letter.

Born in 1955, Hariharan is a native of the South Indian state of Kerala but found his niche in ghazal singing as well as bhajans and playback singing. He has sung mostly in Bollywood and in the Tamil language. However, he has sung popular songs in Bhojpuri, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu movies. He is one of the pioneers of fusion music from India.

2004 saw him being honored with Padma Shri and he has bagged the National Award, twice till now. He formed the 2-member band Colonial Cousins with Leslie Lewis and the duo has cut several non-film music albums and has set the tunes for some Bollywood and Tamil movies, as well.

Antakshari with Hariharan

Roja jaan-e-man tu hi mera dil… Roja (1993)

Likhaa hai in hawaoon mein… Darr (1993)

Maa ki mamta pe hum honge qurbaan… Shyaam-Ghanshyam (1998)

Nau mein thehere jaane kahan… Kashmakash (2011)

Nach na jane kahe angan tedha… Zamaana (1985)

Dilne dilse ikraar kiya… Haqueeqat (1995)


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