Kismat ke khel nirale mere bhaiyya – Ravi – Ravi | Ek Phool Do Mali (1969)


Movie – Ek Phool Do Mali (1969)

The song, Kismat ke khel nirale mere bhaiyya, was featured in the Goel Cine Corporation’s blockbuster fam-socio-drama Ek Phool Do Mali (1969), produced and directed by Devendra Goel. The movie starred Balraj Sahni, Sadhana, Sanjay Khan, etc.

Kailashnath Kaushal (Balraj Sahni) loses his ability to become a father in an accident, after his wife and newborn die during childbirth. Looking for peace, he goes to the mountains. This song is heard in the background at this point.

Song – Kismat ke khel nirale mere bhaiyya

The song, Kismat ke khel nirale mere bhaiyya, was written and set to tune by Ravi.

The song says, “Fate has its own designs on us.”

Video – Kismat ke khel nirale mere bhaiyya

Director of photography is Keki Mistry. Operative Cameraman is Rustam Engineer.

The video opens with the visual of the mountains, superimposed by the name of the banner under which the movie had been made over it. The credits of the movies are shown during the song. Balraj Sahni is seen climbing up a hill toward the camera.

Balraj Sahni is seen walking in scenic locales. He trains some youth in mountaineering. The video prolongs beyond the portion shown in the movie, as a tribute to the composer Ravi. His picture is also shown and the song is repeated further.


Ravi sings this song in the background. Balraj Sahni and other artists are also seen in the video-clipping.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture as such on this song. The song is about how fate plays with the lives of people. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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