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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The opening is for a Lead Physical Therapy Assistant in East Orange, New Jersey Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Lead Physical Therapy Assistant – East Orange, New Jersey
Veterans Health Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs
Job ID: 455636
Start Date: 05/17/2021
End Date: 06/07/2021

Qualification Summary
Basic Requirements: United States Citizenship: Non-citizens may only be appointed when it is not possible to recruit qualified citizens in accordance with VA Policy. Education. Individuals must meet at least one of the requirements below: (1) [ ] Associate degree from an accredited community college, junior college, college or university in a physical therapy assistant education program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education; OR (2) [Graduate of foreign physical therapy assistant degree programs that meet the educational requirement and have successfully passed the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) for PTAs. OR (3) Graduate of military physical therapy assistant programs that meet the educational requirement and have successfully passed the NPTE for PTAs.] c. Licensure. Current, full, active and unrestricted license as a PTA in a State, Territory or Commonwealth (i.e. Puerto Rico) of the United States, or District of Columbia. Licensure. Current, full, active and unrestricted license as a PTA in a State, Territory or Commonwealth (i.e. Puerto Rico) of the United States, or District of Columbia. GRADE DETERMINATION. In addition to the basic requirements, the following criteria must be met when determining the grade of candidates. Lead Physical Therapy Assistant, GS-9
(1) Experience. One year of experience equivalent to the next lower.
(2) Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. In addition to the basic requirements, the candidate must demonstrate the following KSAs:
(a) Ability to lead staff, which includes planning, organizing and assigning work and coordinating clinical workflow.
(b) Ability to mentor staff in advanced clinical guidelines and best practices.
(c) Ability to assist with PT program development, outcome management and strategic planning. (d) Ability to serve as a liaison between PT staff and department leadership.
Assignment. For all assignments above the full performance level, the higher-level duties must consist of significant scope, complexity (difficulty) and variety and be performed by the incumbent at least 25% of the time. Lead PTAs work with the supervisor to monitor and make work assignments, provide input on performance, resolve daily workplace issues and maintain efficient workflow. Leads no less than three GS-8 PTA positions. Lead PTAs coordinate staff assignments with therapy department leadership for long term strategic planning and coverage. They communicate between staff and
department leadership and serve as a liaison between physical therapy and other departments. Lead PTAs apply advanced methodologies and treatment theories in the provision of care to a vast array of functional impairments and patients. They serve as consultant to other PTAs and provide clinical practice guidance to other physical therapy staff. Lead PTAs are generally found in highly complex level facilities or in a large rehabilitation program with multiple PTAs on staff. May qualify based on being covered by the Grandfathering Provision as described in the VA Qualification Standard for this occupation (only applicable to current VHA employees who are in this occupation and meet the criteria).
Grandfathering Provision. [Please carefully review the qualification standard to determine the specific education and/or licensure/certification/ registration requirements that apply to this occupation.] All individuals employed in VHA in this occupational series [or in another occupational series performing the duties as described in the qualification standard] on the effective date of the qualification standard are considered to have met all qualification requirements for the [ ] grade held, including positive education and licensure/trademark/registration/certification. For employees who do not meet all the basic requirements required in this standard, but who met the qualifications applicable to the position at the time they were appointed to it, the following provisions apply:
(1) [ ] Employees may be reassigned, promoted up to and including the full performance (journey) level or changed to lower grade within the occupation, but may not be promoted beyond the journey level or placed in supervisory or managerial positions.
(2) [Employees in an occupation requiring a licensure/certification/registration only at higher grade levels must meet the licensure/certification/registration requirement before they can be promoted to those higher-grade levels.]
(3) [ ] Employees who are appointed on a temporary basis prior to the effective date of the qualification standard may not have their temporary appointment extended or be reappointed, on a temporary or permanent basis, until they fully meet the basic requirements of this standard.
(4) Employees who are converted to title 38 hybrid status under this provision and subsequently leave the occupation lose protected status and must meet the full VA qualification standard requirements in effect at the time of reentry to the occupation.
(5) [ ] Employees initially grandfathered into this occupation, who subsequently obtain additional education and/or licensure/certification/registration that meet all the basic requirements of this qualification standard must maintain the required credentials as a condition of employment in the occupation. References: VA Handbook 5005/139 Part II Appendix G23. Physical Therapy Assistant Qualification Standard The full performance level of this vacancy is GS-09. Physical Requirements: See VA Directive and Handbook 5019, Employee Occupational Health Service for requirements. English Language Proficiency. [PTA candidates must be proficient in spoken and written English in accordance with 38 U.S.C. § 7403(f).]

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