Top 20 Punjabi Songs – April 28, 2021


Today’s post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – April 28, 2021. This week as well, there have been additional disruptions in the song sequence. Pasand bangi… by Gurnam Bhullar has been completely thrown out of the list. The new song – Agg att koka keher… by Gurnaam Bhullar – has entered the list at the twentieth position. I have marked the other changes beside each song in the sequence below.

Today, let’s take the fourth song on the list – Fresh Media Records’ Pyar ni karda… by G Khan. The video depicts a love story, in the backdrop of Kashmir. The girl always complains that her beloved, a shepherd, does not love her. When they pass each other on a common village road, she insists that he meet her at a specific time at a specific location. I will not reveal further. But, the story is mundane without any complications. The song may be good and would have merited the entire 20 million views. But, there is nothing unique in it.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – April 28, 2021

The numbers in brackets show the position of that particular song in the last week’s hit-list.

  1. Jatt te jawani… Dilpreet Dhillon/Karan Aujla. (First)
  2. Raund… ManavGeet Gill. (Second)
  3. Baarish ki jaaye… B Praak. (Third)
  4. Pyar ni karda… G Khan. (Fourth)
  5. Musafir… Korala Maan. (Fifth)
  6. Ali Baba… Mankirt Aulakh. (Sixth)
  7. Thand rakh… Himmat Sandhu. (Seventh)
  8. Listen bro… Khan Bhaini. (Eighth)
  9. Jatt naal yaari… Jordan Sandhu. (Ninth)
  10. Copyright… Prem Dhillon. (Tenth)
  11. Oye hoye hoye… Jassie Gill. (Twelfth)
  12. Above all… Jassa Dhillon. (Thirteenth)
  13. Ride or die… Kulbir Jhinjer. (Eleventh)
  14. Few days… Karan Aujla. (Twentieth)
  15. 8 raflaan… Malkirt Aulakh. (Nineteenth)
  16. Sau putt… Gur Sidhu. (Fifteenth)
  17. Daaku… R Nait. (Sixteenth)
  18. Prahune… Prem Dhillon. (Seventeenth)
  19. Pallazo 2 Kulwinder Billa. (Eighteenth)
  20. Agg att koka keher… Gurnaam Bhullar.

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