Bollywoody Ekakshari F


Today’s second post is Bollywoody Ekakshari F. This is a continuation of the Bollywoody Ekakshari P that was posted last week. The current article has songs beginning with the Hindi letter ‘f’ and ‘pha’ because both sound similar. Here are some of my favorite songs beginning with the above Hindi letters. I hope you like them.

Bollywoody Ekakshari F

Falsafa pyarka tum kya jano… Duniya (1968)

Phoolonke rangse… Prem Pujari (1970)

Phir koi phool khila… Anubhav (1971)

Phoolonka taaronka sabka kehna hai… Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)

Fauji gaya jab gaon mein… Aakraman (1975)

Fakira chal chala chal… Fakira (1976)

Phir wohi raat hai… Ghar (1978)

Fazaan bhi hai jawaan… Nikaah (1982)

Footpathonke hum rehnewale… Mashaal (1984)


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