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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of the Navy. The opening is for a TRANSPORTATION SPECIALIST in Afghanistan, Afghanistan Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

TRANSPORTATION SPECIALIST – Afghanistan, Afghanistan
Secretary of the Navy Offices (SECNAV), Department of the Navy
Job ID: 433512
Start Date: 04/02/2021
End Date: 08/31/2021

Qualification Summary
GS-12 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Your resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-11 grade level or pay band in the Federal service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector. Specialized experience must demonstrate the following: 1) Perform required functions for Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) vehicles to meet operational requirements (e.g., order permits, obtain and install permits, install license plates, register vehicles, have vehicles inspected, confirm required documents are within the vehicle); 2) Coordinate force movement tracking in support of missions outside the continental United States (OCONUS); and 3) Manage the maintenance of all assigned transportation equipment to maintain operability.
GS-11 MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Your resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-09 grade level or pay band in the Federal service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector performing the following duties: 1) Receive vehicle or equipment requests (e.g., C-pool vehicles) to determine correct vehicles or equipment is dispatched; 2) Use a dispatching software program to verify data is entered as required by the command; and 3) Analyze fleet operations to evaluate compliance with regulations or operating procedures. Additional qualification information can be found from the following Office of Personnel Management website: Due to the demanding nature of assignments as an Expeditionary Civilian, prospective applicants should carefully assess suitability with respect to medical requirements and other personal/legal issues, including eligibility for a security clearance, job history and experience commensurate with the position description, and ability to handle a job environment with high stress and long (60-70) hours per week. DoD requires that you have the physical & mental capacity, with or without a medical accommodation, to perform the essential functions of a position for a full tour of duty without unreasonable disruption because of health problems. Before you can be deployed, you will be medically screened to determine if you have health conditions that will prevent you from performing assigned duties in theater or that will require a medical waiver to deploy. In most cases medical facilities in Afghanistan and other operational areas where DoD-EC employees are stationed will not be able to accommodate people with serious health problems, psychiatric conditions, or major physical limitations. The physical requirements of the jobs in these operational areas require applicants to be healthy and fit. During your medical evaluation, attending medical personnel will take into account any and all mitigating factors that can influence a decision regarding your deployability. If you are disqualified because of medical or dental issues, you may request a medical waiver. Your qualification for deployment will be based on your medical & dental status at the time of evaluation. If, after your qualification for deployment, you become ill, undergo surgery, add or change medications, undergo therapy/treatment, or develop any condition for which you seek medical assistance, you should notify the DON EC Program Office immediately. You should understand that any significant deterioration in the status of your health may result in your being disqualified from deployment or sent home after you have deployed. Failure to disclose such information may seriously affect your health overseas, as well as undermine the ability of your gaining organization to perform its assigned mission. If you are currently dealing with medical conditions, you may require a waiver after medical evaluation. If you choose to pursue a waiver, you will be required to either 1) demonstrate clearly that you are able to perform the functions of the job to which you are assigned without placing an undue burden on the gaining organization or 2) show that you have been symptom-free for the amount of time indicated below (where appropriate). Waivers are not automatic and may be quite difficult to obtain. Further information may be obtained from MOD 14 to USCENTCOM Individual Protection and Individual/Unit Deployment Policy and PPG-TAB A that accompanies MOD 14, While an individual’s final medical deployment eligibility determination lies with the providers assigned to the National Deployment Center (NDC), the authority to waive certain CENTCOM medical standards rests with the CENTCOM Surgeon’s Office. The NDC is not a healthcare provider and not authorized to answer healthcare questions. PERSONAL/LEGAL
If you can answer “Yes” to any of the questions below, you should carefully consider whether a deployment would be right for you.
Have you recently experienced a change in the status of an important personal relationship or change in family status (recent birth, death of a loved one, become a primary caregiver, etc)?
Have you had difficulty (past/present) adjusting to high levels of stress or experienced anxiety as a result?
Are you involved in any ongoing legal proceedings?
Have you been subject to any disciplinary or adverse personnel/administrative action?
Have you been involved in any of the following: arrest and/or conviction of a felony; frequent involvement with authorities even as a juvenile; been a patient in an institution primarily devoted to the treatment of mental, emotional, or psychological disorders; history of not meeting financial obligations. A pattern of financial irresponsibility (bankruptcy, credit problems, defaulting on loans) or inability/unwillingness to satisfy debts; financial problems linked to gambling, drug abuse, alcoholism, or other issues of a security concern; deceptive or illegal financial practices: embezzlement, employee theft, check, or expense account fraud, income tax evasion, filing deceptive loan statements, & other intentional breaches of trust; membership in any organization that advocates the commission of acts of force/violence to deny persons their rights under the Constitution of the United States; petitioned to be declared a conscientious objector to war; moving violations (fines over $200); illegal drug use (i.e., cocaine, heroin, LSD, or PCP); illegal purchase, possession, or sale of any narcotics; or deliberate omission, concealment, or falsification of a material fact in any written document or oral statement to the government when applying for security processing?
Do your skills/experience poorly commensurate with the experience levels for the assignment you have chosen to apply to? Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., professional, philanthropic, religious, spiritual, community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment.

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