Antakshari with Shibani Kashyap


Today’s post is Antakshari with Shibani Kashyap. This article is a continuation of the game of Antakshari with Hemant Kumar that we played on Monday. Shibani Kashyap was catapulted to fame by singing the signature tune of All India Radio’s AIR FM channel and Amul India. Ho Gayi Hai Mohobbat (1998) made her popular nationally. She sang her first Bollywood composition Sajna aa bhi ja… from Waisa Bhi Hota Hai part 2 (2003). Then, there was no looking back. She also composes music and her music blends Sufism with Western tunes. The last song in the previous article ended with the Hindi letter ‘na’ and that’s the letter with which the first song in this article begins.

Antakshari with Shibani Kashyap

Nagmagee… Nagmagee (2000)

Girlfriend… Gun Pe Done (2019)

Disco… My Free Spirit (2010)

Kehdo dil ko bate… My Free Spirit (2010)

Taanke seena hoja kameena… Bhindi Bazaar Inc. (2011)


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