Antakshari with Hemant Kumar


Today’s second post is the Antakshari with Hemant Kumar, which is a continuation of the Antakshari with Sudha Malhotra that we had played in February. Born Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Hemant Kumar sang several songs, besides composing many of them. He was the exclusive voice of Uttam Kumar and had given his vocals for Bishwajit, Pradeep Kumar, Dev Anand and other prominent actors of his time. The last song in the post – Antakshari with Sudha Malhotra – had ended with the Hindi letter ‘ya’. Thus, the first song in the post – Antakshari with Hemant Kumar – begins with the same letter ‘ya’.

Antakshari with Hemant Kumar

Yeh raat yeh chandni phir kahan… Jaal (1952)

Na tum hamein jano… Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962)

Na yeh chand hoga… Shart (1954)

Gumsum sa yeh jahan… Duniya Jhukti Hai (1960)

Naachre dhartike pyare… Heera-Moti (1959)

Raahi tu mat ruk jana… Door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein (1964)

Nazar neechi kiye hum aa rahe hain… Giribala (1947)

Har dukhra sahnewali… Sahara (1958)

Leheronpe leher ulfat hai jawaan… Chhabili (1960)


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