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Movie – Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

The song, Patthar ke Sanam, appeared in the A G Films’ romrama Patthar Ke Sanam (1967), directed by Raja Nawathe and produced by A A Nadiadwala. The movie starred Waheeda Rahman, Manoj Kumar, Mumtaz, etc.

The movie begins with Rajesh (Manoj Kumar) getting into a ladies’ first-class compartment, in a hurry to catch the train before it leaves the platform. Modern and educated Meena (Mumtaz) is in the compartment and Rajesh has a great time teasing her, though she is a stranger to him. When they reach her village, she goes straight to her bungalow and orders the cook to prepare the food liked by her friend. Then, she leaves to meet her friend, village girl Taruna (Waheeda Rahman).

Meena takes Taruna to the former’s home to have lunch. After lunch, they discern Rajesh coming to Meena’s home. Soon, they get to know that he is the new manager of Meena’s father Thakur’s (Ramayan Tiwari) estate. Meena plays a prank with the help of her friend Taruna on Rajesh. When Meena’s father returns and questions them, Meena says that they were just testing Rajesh.

Rajesh joins the job and immediately gets suspicious about Meena’s father’s employee Mehta’s relationship with the contractor Bhagatram (Pran). Meena decides to play another prank on Rajesh. She convinces Taruna that both of them pretend to fall in love with Rajesh. One day, he overhears them discussing the practical joke and he decides to play another prank of his own on both of them. As a result, both the girls really fall in love with him. However, when Meena gets to know about Taruna’s love for Rajesh, she insists that her friend remove any rudiments of love she might have begun to entertain for him. According to Meena, in any case, Taruna had been betrothed to Bhagatram since childhood.

In the process of playing the prank, like both Taruna and Meena fell in love with Rajesh, he falls in love with Taruna and confesses it to the village girl. Rajesh saves Meena from the inappropriate advances by Bhagatram and she accepts Rajesh’s love for her. Rajesh is in the process of proving that Bhagatram is pinching a lot of profit from the sale of Thakur’s orchard produce. In the effort, Rajesh is about to visit the city market to sell the year’s produce on behalf of the Thakur. Thakur’s naïve servant Haria (Mahmood) is in love with Bhagatram’s sister Gauri (Aruna Irani) and leaks the information about Rajesh’s intentions to Bhagatram.

Just before leaving for the city, Rajesh meets Taruna and she teases him with a song. But after the song when he tries to leave, he is beaten up by Bhagatram’s goons. Taruna takes him to Thakur’s home to be taken care of. Rajesh’s mother (Lalita Pawar) comes there to look after him. She gets to know about her son and Taruna’s love story and does not like it. Soon, she finds her way to Taruna’s home and tells her that Rajesh is actually the Thakur’s son, Meena being her daughter. She had exchanged the children during infancy because the Thakur had killed her husband and snatched the property and wealth from them. Rajesh’s mother also insists that Taruna stop seeing her foster son. Accordingly, Taruna begins to show that she prefers Bhagatram instead of Rajesh. On Meena’s birthday, Rajesh sings this song.

Song – Patthar ke Sanam

The song, Patthar ke Sanam, was penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and set to tune by Lakshmi-Pyare.

The song goes, “O Stone-hearted Beloved, I thought you are an epitome of love. But, I was wrong.”

Video – Patthar ke Sanam

The cinematography is by Sudhin Majumdar.

The video opens with Manoj Kumar playing the piano. Mumtaz moves with the camera and so does Waheeda Rahman. Manoj Kumar begins to sing. He looks very dejected. But, Mumtaz is happy and she takes Waheeda Rahman toward the leading man.

Lalita Pawar, Ramayan Tiwari and Pran are in the background. These actors appear to be happy due to the turn of events. The lyrics of the song are hurting Waheeda Rahman and tears well in her eyes.

She climbs up some fleet of stairs, wiping her tears. But once on the balcony of the first floor, she weeps openly. The song peters out and the video also ends there. The décor of the bungalow is very beautiful. Art director A A Majid has done a good job.


Mohammad Rafi has sung this song for Manoj Kumar. Waheeda Rahman, Mumtaz, Pran, Lalita Pawar, Ramayan Tiwari and others are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There appears to be no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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