Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 23, 2021


Today’s fourth post is Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 23, 2021. This week again the song sequence has not been disrupted. I have already written about all the songs in the list, previously. So, let’s talk about how a song features in my favorite list. For me to love a song, it has to be unique in some aspect or the other. The lyrics and picturization are important parts of the song and they have to be different from what the others are offering. That is a good song, I feel.

Top 20 Punjabi Songs – February 23, 2021

The numbers in brackets show the position of that particular song in the last week’s hit-list.

  1. U turn… R Nait/Shipra Goyal. (First)
  2. Hukam original… Karan Aujla/Gianimane. (Second)
  3. Zindabad… Rajvir Jawanda. (Third)
  4. Waris nalweda… Babbu Maan. (Fourth)
  5. Pagal nahin hona… Sunanda Sharma. (Fifth)
  6. Mehendiwale hath… Guru Randhawa. (Sixth)
  7. Dekh Dilliye… Jass Bajwa. (Seventh)
  8. Hasse… Nav Dolorain. (Eighth)
  9. Panjab… Sidhu Moose Wala. (Ninth)
  10. Sukoon… Karan Sandhawalia. (Tenth)
  11. Real Jattdi clip… Singga. (Eleventh)
  12. Delhiye… Sucha Yaar. (Twelfth)
  13. Adhiya… Karan Aujla. (Thirteenth)
  14. Bad… Sidhu Moose Wala. (Fourteenth)
  15. Shopping de daurey… The Landers/Gurlez Akhtar. (Fifteenth)
  16. Ishqande leke 2… Sajjan Adeeb/Payal Rajput. (Sixteenth)
  17. Manak diyan kallian… Jazzy B. (Seventeenth)
  18. Sangdi sangdi… Tarseem Jassar/Nimrat Khaira. (Eigthteenth)
  19. Regret… Ammy Virk. (Nineteenth)
  20. Billo tu agg… Yo Yo Honey Singh/Singhsta. (Twentieth)

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