Phoolon tumhe pata hai – Asha Bhonsle – Bappi Lahiri – Deepti Naval | Kisise Na Kehna (1983)


Movie – Kisise Na Kehna (1983)

The song, Phoolon tumhe pata hai, was featured in a Hrishikesh Mukherjee-directed Sahyog Chitra’s comic caper Kisise na kehna (1983), which was produced by Jaywant Pathare and Ashok Raut. The movie starred, Deepti Naval, Farooq Sheikh, Utpal Dutt, Deven Verma, Saeed Jaffrey, etc.

Ramesh (Farooq Sheikh), the son of a devout widower Kailashpati (Utpal Dutt), is in love with Dr. Ramola (Deepti Naval). But, Ramesh does not know if she reciprocates his feelings. So, he requests the help of his father’s friend, Lalaji (Saeed Jaffrey), who gives him tips on finding out if the girl is in love with him. In the next shot, Ramola is seen singing this song.

Song – Phoolon tumhe pata hai

The lyrics of the song, Phoolon tumhe pata hai, were penned by Yogesh and they were set to tune by Bappi Lahiri.

The song goes thus, “Flowers, do you know why my heart has blossomed? Don’t divulge this secret to anyone.”

Video – Phoolon tumhe pata hai

The cinematography is by Jaywant Pathare.

The video opens with shots of different flowering plants. Someone is watering them. It turns out that the person watering the plants is Deepti Naval. She also begins to sing this song. After watering them, she fingers some of them, affectionately.

Farooq Sheikh appears there. Deepti Naval walks to a swing and sits on it. He walks toward her and stops some distance away. As the song ends, she turns to look in the direction where he is standing. The video also ends there.


This song was sung Asha Bhonsle for Deepti Naval. Farooq Sheikh looks on amusedly.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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