Bollywoody Ekakshari J


Today’s second post is Bollywoody Ekakshari J. This is a continuation of the Bollywoody Ekakshari Cha that we played some days back. The current article has a few Bollywood songs beginning with the Hindi letter ‘j’. I hope you like them.

Bollywoody Ekakshari J

Jo tum todo Piya… Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje (1955). This is actually a Meera Bhajan and it has been used often in movies like this one and Silsila (1981)

Jane kaise sapnon mein kho gayi ankhiyan… Anuradha (1960)

Jane anjane log mile… Jane Anjane (1971)

Jab jab tu mere samne aaye… Shyam Tere Kitne Naam (1976)

John Jani Janardhan… Naseeb (1981)

Jab bhi koi kangna bole… Shaukeen (1982)


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