Bheeni bheeni by Mumbai Music Artists Alka Yagnik/Arnab Chatterjee/Deepak Jeswal


The soothing voice of Alka Yagnik and Arnab Chatterjee and the heart-touching lyrics of Deepak Jeswal have led Bheeni bheeni reach over 1.3M views on YouTube from music lovers, within one day.

The romantic ghazal was released online on the recent Valentine’s Day weekend on major streaming platforms such as jiosavvn, apple music, amazon music, spotify besides his YouTube channel Deepak Jeswal Official. The video of the song shows a beautiful journey of a middle-aged couple, who are expressing their love through their day to day activities, which they enjoy doing the most together. The 6-minute-long song also gave an overview of the recording studio, where all the singers, musicians and the lyricist had recorded Bheeni bheeni.

Talking about the success of the song, Jeswal said, “I am thankful to God and all our fans, who have been appreciating and loving our song. The song is very close to my heart. I had it written just like that – in one go, the words just flowed out on their own. I am extremely lucky that Alkaji agreed to lend her soulful voice to the song.”

After the success of Tere qareeb…, both Arnab Chatterjee and Deepak Jeswal wanted to work on another romantic Ghazal and that’s how the song was born. Alka Yagnik’s poignant voice and the music of real instruments added the right feel and emotion to the song.

The Agar tum saath ho hitmaker, Alka Yagnik, is known for her massive contribution to the field of music. After singing bhajans for Akashvani, she lent her voice for the film Payal Ki Jhankaar (1980). She has also won two National Film award for her soulful Bollywood renditions.

Recalling the first day of the recording, Jeswal said he got overwhelmed when he saw Alka Yagnik in the recording studio. “It was incredible meeting her and I had a perfect fanboy moment,” Jeswal added.


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