Antakshari with Yesudas


Today’s second post is Antakshari with Yesudas. This article continues the game of Antakshari that we played with Amaal Mallik, yesterday. We ended the last song in the previous article with the Hindi letter ‘ra’. So, the first song in this article begins with ‘ra’.

Yesudas or K J Yesudas is considered a legendary singer in the world. Though a South Indian, he has sung for Bollywood and other languages, too. He has sung songs for the Bollywood composers like Ravindra Jain, Salil Chowdhury, Raj Kamal, Lakshmi-Pyare, Raam-Lakshman, Rajesh Roshan, among others.

Antakshari with Yesudas

Rasamanjari… Sindhu Bhairavi (1985). This is a Telugu movie.

Rege vayase… Hantakudi Veta (1987). This is also a Telugu movie.

Surmayi akhiyon mein… Sadma (1983)

Maana ho tum behad haseen… Toote Khilone (1978)

Sunayna Sunayna… Sunayna (1978)

Neele ambar ke tale… Safed Jhoot (1977)


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