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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of Labor. The opening is for an Unemployment Insurance Program Specialist in Location Negotiable After Selection, United States Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Unemployment Insurance Program Specialist – Location Negotiable After Selection, United States
Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor
Job ID: 402935
Start Date: 02/04/2021
End Date: 02/18/2021

Qualification Summary
Individual Occupational Requirement
This position has an IndividualOccupational Requirement (IOR), as described below:
Undergraduate Education:Major study –economics, industrial relations, laws, sociology, political science,public administration, or other related fields. Courses in statistics or mathematics applicable to the social sciences are creditable up to a maximum of 12 semester hours.
GraduateEducation:Majorstudy — one or a combination of the social sciences that included social science research methodology and techniques, and provided a knowledge of thehistory,concepts, methods, and techniques of social insurance and/or the social and economic conditions under which social insurance programs operate.
General Experience (for GS-5 positions):Experience in social science or related fields such as economics, sociology, political science, public administration, or industrial relations, or in the application of statistics or mathematics in these fields.
Specialized Experience (for positions above GS-5):Experience related to social insurance. This includes experience applying statistics or mathematics to the social insurance field. Specialized experience must have demonstrated: A knowledge of current social and economic conditions under which social insurance programs operate, and the principles of Federal/State/local relationships;
The ability to extend and modify existing techniques and methods or to develop new ones to identify, isolate, and resolve special problems; and
The ability to develop effective collaborative relationships with personnel in other fields and with groups having conflicting objectives. Qualifying specialized experience may have been gained through work in the following or similar types of programs: unemployment insurance; old-age and survivors’ insurance; workers’ compensation; disability compensation; or other public or private programs covering common social insurance risks.
In addition to the above, applicants must have 52 weeks of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level, GS-12, in the Federal Service.
Specialized Experience: GS-13 must have experience in ALL of the following: Interpreting Federal/State/Local legislation and/or regulations concerning Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs;
Providing technical assistance and guidance on UI requirements both verbally and in writing;
Developing and/or implementing operating procedures and/or policy guidance for UI programs; and
Monitoring UI programs operations.

If you’d like to submit a resume or apply for this position, please contact Premier Veterans at abjobs@premierveterans.com. All are free to apply!


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