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Movie – Tiger Zinda Hai (2017)

The song, Tera noor, was featured in the Yash-Raj Films’ action drama Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra. A sequel to Ek Tha Tiger (2012), this movie starred Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Girish Karnad, etc.

One night in Iraq, an American journalist sends a warning message to the CIA before being slaughtered by a few ISC guards. During an ISC rally in Ikrit, Iraq; the Iraqi Army shoots Abu Usman (Sajjad Delafrooz), the ISC leader in the arm and while being hospitalized, he takes the nurses hostage, making the hospital his base. Indian Nurse Maria (Neha Hinge) contacts the Indian Ambassador to Iraq at the Baghdad-based Indian Embassy and informs about their predicament. The US military is in readiness to perform airstrikes at the city to kill Usman and his guards. But, the CIA gives 7 days to the RAW Chairman Shenoy (Girish Karnad), after a lot of convincing from his side before they would do the airstrike.

6 years after trying to conceal and exile himself and his wife Zoya (Katrina Kaif) in the vast hidden corners of the world, former RAW agent Tiger (Salman Khan) has a child with Zoya called Junior (Sartaaj Kakkar). When the couple returns home after celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary, Shenoy and one of his men are waiting at Tiger’s home to assign him the job of rescuing the nurses from Iraq. Tiger does not accept the assignment initially. But, Zoya, though not a part of the meeting due to her country of origin (Pakistan), convinces her husband to go on ahead to help his country.

Tiger accepts the assignment and assembles his own team for the task at hand. They join an oil refinery and at night set off a controlled explosion to pretend to get burned. The entire team is taken to the hospital. Zoya joins them on the way with her own team from the ISI. She reveals to Tiger that among the nurses there were some from Pakistan. She also assures her husband that Junior was in safe hands.

The Indian team goes on to the hospital to get admitted there. But, they need the blueprint of the hospital building to attack the strong-hold of Abu Usman. Zoya takes off on her own to a building where some Syrian girls have been imprisoned by the ISC guards. The girls know the place where the blueprint is located. They also reveal that they are being used as sex slaves by Abu Usman’s men, under the leadership of Abu Usman’s second-in-command Amir Baghdawi (Sal Yusuf). When Zoya reaches the building where the blueprints are located and this song is heard in the background.

Song – Tera noor

The song, Tera noor, was penned by Irshad Kamil and set to tune by Vishal-Shekhar.

The song praises God and requests him to direct a kind eye on good people like the singer and help them. Without the help of the Almighty, the people would not be able to perform their life’s purpose.

Video – Tera noor

The cinematography is by Marcin Laskawiec-Arkadiusz Tomiak-Piotr Uznanski.

The video opens with shots of flat-roofed houses. Some girls in burkhas enter a large building. They movie in 2 lines to enter the inside of the house. Katrina Kaif separates from the group and walks away throwing off the burkha from her head.

As the other girls scrub the floor, Katrina Kaif finds the room having the blueprints of different buildings in the city. Katrina Kaif enters the darkened room and searches for what she came looking for.

Sal Yusuf and the other actors playing ISC guards enter the building. When the girls are called to line-up in front of Sal Yusuf, Katrina Kaif also has to join them. He selects Katrina Kaif for his despicable act.

Alone with him, Katrina Kaif drops her burkha to reveal a knife in her gloved hand and she slits the man’s throat. Katrina Kaif is wearing tight black trousers and a t-shirt, which comes in handy as she has to fight the other actors playing the ISC guards.

Another girl is also seen killing another guard, who is inside a bathtub. Katrina Kaif fights her way out of the place and covers the fleeing girls by shooting the other guards with their own weapons. The song peters out and the video ends as she finishes off killing the last guard.


Jyoti Nooran sings this song in the background. Katrina Kaif, Sal Yusuf and others appear in the video.

Cultural Influence

The song, Tera noor, appears to have the influence of Sufi culture on it, albeit with some modern music. The song and the artists are fine. The video is watchable for the same.

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