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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Department of the Air Force. The opening is for an ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC in Westfield, Massachusetts Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Air National Guard Units, Department of the Air Force
Job ID: 402823
Start Date: 02/05/2021
End Date: 03/07/2021

Qualification Summary
Military Grades:
ENL: SrA to SSgt Compatible Military Assignments:
AFSC: MUST HOLD 2A354B AFSC *This is an indefinite position, tenure 3, with a time limit determined by the needs of the agency. Any permanent military technician who is selected for this position will become tenure 3. The selectee will receive the same benefits and entitlements as the tenure 1 employee, but will be considered tenure 3 for purposes of reduction in force. If a permanent resource becomes available, incumbent may be converted to a permanent appointment without competition* GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must have experience, education or training in collecting and analyzing data effectively, efficiently, and accurately, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively Experience in duties such as, install, modify, overhaul, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, align, calibrate, and rebuild multi-system avionics complexes. Experience to format and write English in reports and presentation formats. Experience in presenting formal training presentations and briefings. Experience in applying procedures and directives by reading and interpreting material. Experience in training, mentoring, leading, and problem-solving. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 18 months Experiences involved installing, modifying, overhauling, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, aligning, calibrating, and rebuilding multi-system avionics complexes consisting of multiple completely integrated electronic avionics systems where the complex accomplishes a number of major functions. Skilled in performing on-or-off equipment maintenance on one or more complete electronic integrated systems associated with the assigned aircraft and/or maintenance on automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, inertial or radar navigation systems. Experiences included performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on one or more multi-complex electronic integrated systems. Skilled in conducting operational checks, inspections, tests, trouble shooting, removal and replacement of line replaceable units. Capable of isolating unusual malfunctions by using technical orders, schematics, wiring diagrams, tools, and test equipment to include automatic test equipment and flight line test systems. Experiences involved solving complex problems by analyzing installation, circuitry, and operating characteristics of the systems. Skilled in adjusting and aligning system sensors, transmitters, amplifiers, power supplies, display devices, controls, transponders, actuators, servos, computers and other related components. Capable of installing serviceable components into aircraft and performed total systems alignment and harmonization in accordance with existing technical orders and directives. Skilled in technical order FWS compliance factors, modification of components/systems, and completed thorough system checks for proper operations. Experienced in maintaining, modifying, calibrating and inspecting a wide variety of user tests, measurements, and diagnostic equipment. Skilled craft for installing, modifying, overhauling, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, rebuilding, aligning, and calibrating complete electronic avionics multi-systems controls. Must have a working knowledge of complex aircraft avionics; and/or, electronic circuit maintenance systems such as, the electronics package used in an automated aircraft. Skilled in operating integrated flight and integrated counter-measures system, electronic multiplex communications bus, inertial navigation system, multi-function displays, head-up display, data transfer equipment, global positioning system, situation awareness data-link, data modem, flight control system, pitot-static system and related instrumentation. Must have experiences in working with the flight director instrumentation, central air data computer, engine, hydraulic and fuel quantity indicating systems, voice message warning, very high frequency ultra-high frequency, satellite communications data, intercom, secure voice communications, and identification friend or foe tactical air navigation system. Experiences included work that evaluated operational characteristics of the integrated systems by observing and analyzing waveforms, voltage, current, power indications, computer registers and printouts. Skilled in analyzing the malfunctions encountered through fault codes, determines repair sequence process and performs the repairs. Experienced in the review and analyzation of maintenance data. Knowledgeable in determining if criteria are sufficient to provide adequate test, troubleshooting and repair procedures. Experienced in devising and recommending tests, procedural changes, or data corrections. Capable to align, adjust, and perform final calibrations on integrated systems to determine successful repairs. Skilled in analyzing equipment failure and malfunctions; and, suggested changes to improve operations. Experiences included monitoring the operations of complex, inter-related systems, and analyzed operating trends, proposed preventative maintenance down time that assured continued operating capability, and recommended components for overhaul or engineering evaluation for disposal. Skilled in applying technical data and equipment specifications that determined the impacts of equipment modifications or substitutions on integrated multi-system operations and various maintenance alignment procedures. Skilled in using algebraic and trigonometric functions to adapt standard formulas to the specific requirements of the integrated system. Competent in conducting prototype assembly, operations, and repairs; or, experienced in using experimental electronic systems such as, inertial navigation and automatic flight controls. Experiences included advising aerospace engineering personnel on the operation and maintenance effects of proposed time compliance technical order modifications on new or existing equipment. Competent to interact with aircrews for mission/sortie debrief and enhanced system troubleshooting. Skilled in troubleshooting operational malfunctions and analyzing system performance utilizing aircrew debrief data, technical orders, schematic and wiring diagrams, engineering drawings, data analysis, common and system-specific test equipment, and built-in system tests. Experienced in performing on and off-equipment maintenance on aircraft avionics such as, automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, communication and navigation systems, and inertial navigations systems. PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE: Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of months/years. VOLUNTEER WORK EXPERIENCE: Refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service Programs (i.e., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student and social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge and skills that can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

If you’d like to submit a resume or apply for this position, please contact Premier Veterans at abjobs@premierveterans.com. All are free to apply!


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