The Weeknd brings a different style Super Bowl half-time show


The singer known for his falsetto and arguably dark lyrics if a person listens just right, The Weeknd, performed at this year’s Super Bowl half-time.

The singer’s main set included people in neon makeup and white choir-like robes. This group of people was divided by lighted props with lettering that spelled out some themes of pandemic-era America: words like “alone,” “touch,” reminded viewers of why the stands were not full.

But alluding to our current, problematic times is not all The Weeknd had to offer. Of course there were fireworks. And the singer’s face on the jumbo tron as he performed. He was also cloned by roughly 50 dancers in facial wrappings to rival any mummy.

The Weeknd himself offered viewers a high energy show that with his black and white wing tips, red sequined jacket over black pants and shirt, recalled a “Billy Jean” Michael Jackson.

The lure of The Weeknd

His sound is dance music heavily inflected with rock and electronica. The Weeknd croons, rocks out and engages audiences. When he first came to national prominence, his look that included a huge dreadlock seeming to grow from the top of his head, made some people think of The Weeknd as a fad. Several years and hits later, he is still taking risks and winning over audiences.

At the Super Bowl in 2021, The Weeknd gave audiences a show and a brief respite from current harsh realities.


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