Tauba yeh matwali chaal – Mukesh – Lakshmi-Pyare – Manoj Kumar | Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)


Movie – Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

The song, Tauba yeh matwali chaal, appeared in the A G Films’ romrama Patthar Ke Sanam (1967), directed by Raja Nawathe and produced by A A Nadiadwala. The movie starred Waheeda Rahman, Manoj Kumar, Mumtaz, etc.

The movie begins with Rajesh (Manoj Kumar) getting into a ladies’ first-class compartment, in a hurry to catch the train before it leaves the platform. Meena (Mumtaz) is in the compartment and Rajesh has a great time teasing her, though she is a stranger to him. When they reach her village, she goes straight to her bungalow and orders the cook to prepare the food liked by her friend. Then, she leaves to meet her friend, Taruna (Waheeda Rahman).

Meena takes Taruna to the former’s home to have lunch. After lunch, they discern Rajesh coming to Meena’s home. Soon, they get to know that he is the new manager of Meena’s father’s estate. Meena plays a prank with the help of her friend Taruna on Rajesh. When Meena’s father returns and questions them, Meena says that they were just testing Rajesh.

Rajesh joins the job and immediately gets suspicious about Meena’s father’s employee Mehta’s relationship with the contractor Bhagatram (Pran). Meena decides to play another prank on Rajesh. She convinces Taruna that both of them pretend to fall in love with Rajesh. One day, he overhears them discussing the practical joke and he decides to play a prank of his own on both of them. This is the song he sings at this point in the movie.

Song – Tauba yeh matwali chaal

The song, Tauba yeh matwali chaal, was penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and set to tune by Laskhmi-Pyare.

The song praises the girl and her gait.

Video – Tauba yeh matwali chaal

The cinematography is by Sudhin Majumdar. Dance choreography is by Kiran Kumar.

The video opens with the shots of the picturesque mountainous region. The music also begins at this point. Mumtaz appears from behind a tree and begins to dance. Manoj Kumar also comes there and begins to sing.

Mumtaz looks pleased with the praises and after a while, leaves the place. Next, Manoj Kumar flirts with Waheeda Rahman, as he plays the flute. There is a difference between the music of the previous part of the song and this one.

The first part is more modern and thus the dance is modern. Waheeda Rahman also begins to perform a traditional dance for the more desi music. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as she leaves the garden where this is happening.


Mukesh has sung this song for Manoj Kumar. Mumtaz and Waheeda Rahman are also seen in the video.

Cultural Influence

There is no influence of any culture on this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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