Chand raat tum ho saath – Kishore/Lata – Salil Chowdhury – Kishore/Madhubala | Half Ticket (1962)


Movie – Half Ticket (1962)

The song, Chand raat tum ho saath, appeared in the movie Half Ticket (1962) directed by Kalidas and produced by Bombay Talkies. The movie starred Kishore Kumar, Madhubala, Pran, etc.

Vijay (Kishore Kumar) is a worthless son of a rich businessman Seth Lalchand (Moni Chatterjee). He runs away from home because of his father’s constant nagging and attempts to get him married. At the railway station, he discovers that he did not have enough money for a ticket. When Vijay sees an obese child Munna and his mother (Tun Tun) buying tickets for Bombay (Mumbai now), he kidnaps Munna and disguises as the younger boy to get a half ticket.

A notorious thief Raja Babu (Pran) is trying to escape from the police after stealing some diamonds and drops the bag of diamonds in Vijay’s pocket. Raja Babu follows Vijay onto the train and tells him to call the older man as Chacha (Uncle). On the way to Bombay, when the ticket checker catches Vijay with a half ticket, he runs away to another compartment. There, he finds a performer Rajni (Madhubala) and gets away with his pretense of an oversized kid. Raja Babu finds him the next morning and tries to flirt with Rajni. But, Vijay saves her from the other man.

At Mumbai, Vijay keeps escaping the clutches of Raja Babu and tries to find a job. Without a degree, that appears difficult. Vijay goes through several comic experiences in searching for a job. After he messes up the performance of a dancer (Helen), he lands in Rajni’s home. Rajni promises that she would take care of him, through thick and thin. But soon, she discovers that he is not the special child, he tries to pretend and she throws him out of the home. By then, he has fallen in love with her and confesses it to her.

The moment Vijay comes out of Rajni’s house, he is caught by Raja Babu. Vijay keeps avoiding the antagonist. But soon to escape from him, he hides in someone’s car. It turns out that the car belongs to Rajni. Rajni’s aunt (Manorama) is in the process of getting the younger woman married. So, Rajni asks Vijay to pretend that he is her boyfriend. He insists that he would be staying with her during the interim.

Vijay strikes a friendship with Rajni’s aunt, easily. He also discovers that Rajni is not the girl’s real name. Her real name is Asha. Soon, Vijay plays a prank on Asha, who unwittingly reveals to him that she is also in love with him. Soon, they get engaged. Vijay’s father advertises in the newspaper about his disappearance and Asha finds the ad. She tells her aunt that she did not want to marry Vijay. Vijay has not revealed his real name to her till now. But, the aunt knows it. He appeals to the older woman not to tell Asha about it.

In the meantime, Raja Babu has understood that Vijay is staying with ‘Rajni’. But being a known face, he cannot enter the house for the diamonds and sends his girlfriend (Shammi) stealthily into the house for the purpose. That day, Asha takes Vijay on a date at the beach.

Song – Chand raat tum ho saath

The lyrics of the song, Chand raat tum ho saath, were penned by Shailendra and they were set to tune by Salil Chowdhury.

The song goes thus, “The moon is shining tonight. You are with me. Then, if my heart becomes excited, what can be done?”

Video – Chand raat tum ho saath

The cinematography is by Apurba Bhattacharjee. Dance Choreography is by Surya Kumar.

The video opens with Madhubala standing up and stretching herself, as the music begins. She also begins to dance. Kishore Kumar also begins to dance, yodel and sing. She also begins to sing. Kishore Kumar’s antics are very hilarious. Soon, the song peters out and the video also ends abruptly as they stop the dance.


This song has been sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar for Kishore Kumar and Madhubala.

Cultural Influence

This is a romantic song performed by the lead pair. This is one of my favorite Kishore Kumar-Lata Mangeshkar songs. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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