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The United States government is a massive employer, and is always looking for qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of open employment positions in locations across the country. Below you’ll find a Qualification Summary for an active, open job listing from the Other Agencies and Independent Organizations. The opening is for an Environmental Protection Specialist in Washington, District of Columbia Feel free to browse this and any other job listings and reach out to us with any questions!

Environmental Protection Specialist – Washington, District of Columbia
Environmental Protection Agency, Other Agencies and Independent Organizations
Job ID: 392148
Start Date: 01/15/2021
End Date: 01/25/2021

Qualification Summary
You do not need a degree to qualify for this position.We are looking for at least one year of specialized experience related to this position as described below:To qualify for the GS-07 level, you need to have at least one year of full-time experience equivalent to the GS-05 level defined asassisting in the collection, compilation, review and evaluation of program plans, facility progress reports, statistical data and background information for compliance with program guidelines and regulations.- OR 1 full year of graduate level education; or superior academic achievement (Superior Academic Achievement Definition) degree in an academic discipline related to this position- OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.Your answers to the online assessment will be used to evaluate your competencies in the following areas:
-Knowledge of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations governing land related environmental protection programs.
-Knowledge of land remediation programs.
-Knowledge of grants, cooperative/interagency agreements regulations, policies and procedures.
-Skill in oral communication sufficient to respond to requests for information on land remediation program policies, requirements, and procedures.
-Ability to assist in implementing and evaluating state/tribal/local land resource and protection plans.
-Knowledge of federal environmental laws and regulations governing land related environmental protection programs.
Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional, philanthropic, religious, spiritual, community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.If you have part-time work experience, read this: EPA Announcement Policies and Procedures.

If you’d like to submit a resume or apply for this position, please contact Premier Veterans at abjobs@premierveterans.com. All are free to apply!


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