Bollywoody Ekakshari G


Today’s post is Bollywoody Ekakshari G. This article is a continuation of the Bollywoody Ekakshari K that I had posted yesterday. The current article has some of my favorite songs beginning with the Hindi letter G. I hope you like them.

Bollywoody Ekakshari G

Gaata rahe mera dil… Guide (1965)

Gun guna rahe hain bhawre… Aaradhana (1969)

Geet gaata hoon main… Laal Patthar (1971)

Gagaga gussa itna haseen hai… Maryada (!971)

Gum hai kisike pyar mein… Rampur Ka Lakshman (1972)

Geet gaata chal ho saathi… Geet Gaata Chal (1975)

Gori tera gaon bada pyara… Chitchor (1976)

Gapuchi gapuchi gam gam… Trishul (1978)

Gunche lage hain kehne… Tarana (1979)


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